Will This Time Be The Last?

Making every snuggle count.

I have been blessed with nine long months of chest snuggles.  From what I have heard, this is not normal.  Since day one, Cullen has been king of the chest naps – either wrapped up in my Moby or sprawled across me in the glider.

We got off to a good start with our snuggles.  I did a lot of babywearing, so he got used to that warm cozy contact and the thump of my reassuring heartbeat.  And for the past nine months he has continued to occasionally fall asleep on my chest – quite possible my favorite thing in the world.

But I can tell these naps are numbered.  More and more he’s restless on my chest, and I can tell he really needs those long, uninterrupted stretches in his crib.  Even though I’d love to sit with him all day, I force myself to put him into his crib for a long and peaceful sleep.

But the more restless he gets, and the harder it is to rock him when he needs soothing, I keep wondering if each one will be the last.  He’s almost walking now, feeding himself with his hands, and drinking out of straws.  I know, of course, that these are all good things, but it’s never easy to leave things behind in babyhood.  Especially when those things are so snuggly and warm.

For now, I’ll just keep rocking and signing to him as long as he’ll let me.  I know that we won’t have too many more of them.  But I hope that when he’s three and has been playing hard all day, maybe just maybe he’ll curl up in my lap every once in a while.

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