Will You Celebrate 'No Mothers Day' This Year for the Good of All Mothers? (VIDEO)

No Mothers Day
No Mothers Day this May 13

Sometimes when I think about the healthy, beautiful baby girls to whom I gave birth, I am moved to tears. Of sadness. That’s because there are 360,000 women who die each year from preventable pregnancy or childbirth-related problems.


One thousand women alone will die just on Mother’s Day. Not from old age or cancer. But because they were about to become mothers. They’ll die from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth. But 90 percent of those deaths will actually be preventable.

In an act of solidarity this Mother’s Day, all of the women featured in the video below (plus me) are choosing to disappear in an act of solidarity with at-risk mothers around the world. No status updates, no phone answering, no opening gifts. Let’s let our absence let everyone know how much a mother is missed when she’s gone. Get people talking about it. So we can get people doing something about it.

Please watch this video, share it, and let’s work together to help that number — 360 thousand — get down to zero. No Mothers Day on May 13, 2012, for the good of all mothers.

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Photo & video credit: YouTube