Wolf Cries In His Sleep

wolf yawning
Wolf may look tired, but it's Mama who needs sleep!

Lately, Wolf has been sleeping anywhere from 5 to 7 glorious hours during the night.  However, I have been sleeping for much, much less than that.  For the past week or so, Wolf has been crying or squawking out in his sleep.  He’ll let out a loud cry, thrash his little body or feet around briefly, then go back to silence.  I’m fairly certain he’s not waking up here but dreaming or “sleep crying”.

It’s become really frustrating for me because 1. I’m a super light sleeper, 2. I wake up at even the tiniest peep out of him.  Wolf is still sleeping in his bassinet right next to our bed so I can peek over at him and know whether or not he’s awake or sleep crying.  Last night his sleep crying started at 2:30 am, more at close to 4 am, then I finally decided to wake him up at 5:45 am but only after he’d been wiggling around for 30 minutes.  I feel so bad because from what I’ve read by googling the subject, most moms seem to think that their babies are just “having bad dreams”.  Bad dreams?!  Oh that makes a mom’s heart sad.

What do you suggest friends, if anything?  Mama needs some sleep!!

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