Wolf Has A Wee Witching Hour

wolf striped shirt witching hour
It's hard to imagine this sweet face ever gets sad.

We’ve gotten pretty lucky {knock on wood} and Wolf is a pretty easy baby.  Sure, he does his fair share of complaining when his needs aren’t being met, but for the most part we get by without too many teary days.  Lately I’ve been noticing that Wolf is really fussy late in the evening, right before he goes down to sleep for the night.  He gets bored quicker than the usual, he wants to be held and played with and he fusses and whines.  Some evenings are better than others but sometimes he can be a big grump.  I’m beginning to think Wolf has a wee witching hour.

Seems like a lot of moms that I talk to refer to the so-called witching hour with their fussy babies.  The witching hour is your baby’s way of releasing a day’s worth of pent up energy before he or she gets ready for a longer stretch of sleep.  Wolf definitely has a wee witching hour and it’s a little hard on me.  By the time I get home from work, we play for a bit then he’s ready for a nap, then when he wakes up again, he’s grumpy.  I’m convinced that developing a routine will help with his fussy evenings.  I already dim the lights and read him a story, but I’m thinking of incorporating a little baby massage too.  Plus, we’ll get more time together -— hopefully happy time!

What do you think about the witching hour?  What do you do to calm your normally happy baby before bedtime?

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