Wolf Slept For 6 Hours!

wolf sleep
Wolf LOVES to be swaddled!

Last night I rolled over and looked at the clock and could hardly believe my eyes.  It was after 4 in the morning and Wolf was still sleeping!  Normally he sleeps for two to three hours stretches but for whatever reason the past three nights night he has been snug as a bug for close to 6 hours at a time.  I know it’s probably too soon to be jumping for joy thinking that he’s developed a new sleeping pattern but it’s been quite nice to have a good stretch of sleep!  Could his sleep pattern be changing?

Since we’ve been home from the hospital, we’ve treated sleep the exact same way.  Wolf is swaddled, rocked and placed gently on his back in a semi-side lying position in his bassinet.  During the day he has no sleeping pattern.  Sometimes he’ll sleep for 30 mins other times he’ll get a good 2-3 hours.  Right now his “bed time” is around 10 pm.  I begin feeding him around 9 each night and sometimes he falls right to sleep after being fed, other nights it takes a little more convincing on our part and he’s not asleep until after midnight.  But regardless of the system, he still slept for longer stretches these past three nights.  And it’s been a blessing for our rest!!!

I’m wondering if it’s too early to begin Wolf on a sleeping schedule.  Will his little almost 1 month old body be able to retain a routine this early?  When do you start trying to get your baby onto a schedule?

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