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Woombie, for the Naughty Swaddlers.

By caseymullins |

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix Woombie is. You have to see it for yourself.”

My first reaction to the Woombie: “It’s like putting your baby in a Matrix pod! JUST PLUG THE CORD INTO THE BACK OF HER NECK AND WATCH OUT FOR AGENT SMITH!” Boy howdy, did I have to eat my words. It wasn’t even three weeks later when I was desperately searching online for “sleeping bag with no arms” because I couldn’t remember what the darn thing was called.

Spoiler alert: Googling “sleeping bag with no arms” will lead you down a twisted rabbit hole of adult … we’ll call them … “interests.”

Vivi is a naughty baby with the strength of a dozen babies who can break out of the most ornate and powerful swaddle I am capable of wrapping her up in.

Enter the Woombie.

I turned to Twitter who immediately knew what I was speaking of and had plenty of advice about the Matrix pods Woombies. I went forward with the purchase of Vivi’s very own pod Woombie and things haven’t really been the same since.

Twitter warned me that you must get the size that is specific for your baby. Twitter was right. I purchased one for an up to 20 lb. baby and it works like a charm aside from her feet being slightly squashed. In the 20+ lb. bag her feet fit wonderfully but it’s stretchy/loose enough that she can nom her little paws through the material. However it keeps her from whacking herself in the face in the middle of the night and she technically can’t break out of it so it does its job well. Woombie also makes pods that have legs instead of bags but they were all on back order.

Cody calls it her straight jacket. I call it her butterbean. We both call it wonderful. And lest you think you can get away with simply sewing the arms of a regular blanket sleeper shut? You’d be wrong. Unless you have some super crafty skills that I don’t possess.This thing also puts the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack to SHAME.

We have two, we rotate them out every couple of nights. One is fleece and she wears a onesie underneath. The other is a cotton jersey and she wears light cotton jammies in it. Chances are you have a mom friend who has a baby who hated the thing, before you pay full price for one (starting around $27), ask around or check eBay (in fact, as soon as I posted this picture someone commented, “My kid hated that thing, want another?”) They also come up on flash sale sites now and again.

Your baby may hate it or it may very well change your life with a jumpy baby. (Never having to origami swaddle a giant baby again? Sold.)

In our house? Woombie for life, or at least the next few months.


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8 thoughts on “Woombie, for the Naughty Swaddlers.

  1. Kim Q says:

    Ahh yes, we also embraced the Woombie after our little one decided to break out of her Miracle Blanket every night. Of course, she would break out of the Miracle Blanket and then be so angry she would flail her arms around and scream bloody murder. We used the Woombie until about 5 months of age I think, and then abandoned ship. It was definitely worth the investment, at least for us.

  2. Grace M. says:

    I loved the woombie! Best invention ever! It’s my go-to shower gift now. My son would fuss and fight until I zipped him up. Then he was off to dreamland in a few minutes. I bought the convertible version so I could transition him out of it eventually, and it worked beautifully.

  3. Marie says:

    We used the Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me up to 6 months, but this would have been even better! Baby straight jacket=excellent for some babies.

  4. Lissa says:

    LOVED the Woombie. We didn’t swaddle Maya past four months anyway but the Woombie was perfect for that last month or so when she was Houdini! She had the yellow one (given to us by a friend whose baby had outgrown it) so we called her a baby banana but it was awesome. She loved it.

  5. Allison Zapata says:

    I need this. My baby is a spaz.

  6. ErinIsabel says:

    We swaddled our son for a little over 3 months. He would, and still kind of does, beat the crap out of himself when he falls asleep. It was around 3 months that he was breaking out of the swaddle. I double, and triple swaddled with blankets and the Summer Infant swaddlers. Still broke out. Then I found the Woombie. I was so excited to try it out. Well, guess what? He was able to get out of the damn thing. I swaddled him, then put him in the Woombie and he still broke out. I finally decided that we’ll just quit swaddling altogether. I hope it works for you guys! I still think it’s a good product, but just isn’t for everyone.

  7. Erica Mueller says:

    We had something very similar for about 2 weeks, then he grew out of them. I didn’t realize these things came in different sizes/were made for bigger babies! I thought it was a newborn thing.

    I’ve been to today and ordered a Big Baby Woombie Leggies style! Only one I could find. Excited it has legs cause he sleeps in his bouncy seat a lot.

  8. Emma says:

    I’ve always used the velcro sleep things, my son is a contortionist and I seriously doubt this would have kept him contained. I think he also really felt comforted by the tight/snugness of the swaddlers we used.

    But either way; YAY for happy sleeping babies!

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