Yikes! My Baby is Drowning in Drool

Hazel in frog bib (at 4 months old)
Hazel in her drool-catching frog bib

When Hazel was born, we got a pretty assortment of bibs as gifts, and I thought, “She won’t need these for a while; I’ll just put them away until she starts eating solids.” Ha! That was back when I thought bibs were mainly used for messy feeding sessions. Now I know better. Turns out, my baby needs bibs all the time–to catch her drool.

That’s right: For the past two months, Hazel has had a perma-bib. “She’s teething,” my all-knowing nanny informed us one day, after changing Hazel’s third soaked bib.

We have yet to see any baby teeth, but the quantity of drool my five month old produces is amazing. Last night, my fiancé, Mike, was dancing around with her in his arms (she loves this), and suddenly I saw a huge stream of spit fly out of her mouth. It was like a sprinkler on a hot summer’s day—except that it was baby drool on a cold winter’s night. I had to run for cover under a blanket.

Later, as I sat with her on my lap, I felt droplets of liquid on her leg. “Did you spill water on her?” I asked Mike. “The outside of her pants are all wet.”

“Just more drool,” he answered. We’re not talking a little dampness here. We’re talking saucer-fulls of spit. She soaks through at least four bibs a day—sometimes the drool completely saturates them to the point where she needs a whole new dry outfit.

I’m not eager for her baby teeth to come in (seems like a drag when it comes to breastfeeding), but I would like to put her in a nice outfit without having to Velcro a bib on top of it. And I would love to be able to hold her close without taking a spit bath. When will this end? Does the drool get less after the first baby teeth come in? Or will she continue to be a super soaker until she’s finished teething and has every single baby tooth?

And in the meantime, does anyone have any cute bib recommendations?

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