You Might Be A Little Brother If...

... Your family thinks you look hilariously awesome in polka dot shades.

My husband and I aren’t “pink” and “blue” people when it comes to raising our kids. While both of our kids have plenty of gender-specific clothing, we try to purchase gender-neutral baby things as often as possible — mainly because it’s the most cost-effective for us to pass things down to the next sibling, but also because we aren’t huge fans of the princess/kittens=girls and sports/dinosaurs=boys that a lot of infant clothing tends to stereotype.

This also holds true for baby gear and toys. The vast majority of our children’s playthings are gender-neutral (musical instruments, wooden push carts, books and puzzles) but we’ve got our share of baby dolls and toy cars too. Lately, I’ve found myself giggling at how often Arlo is the recipient of his older sister’s “girlie” things. He’s borrowed her red polka dot movie star glasses  several times in a pinch, he’s been wrapped in more pink blankets and hooded towels than I can count and recently, he decided that a hand-me-down toy from his big sis is officially one of his very favorites.

After the jump, check out a cute photo of Arlo!

“You might be a little brother if…”

Your new favorite toy is a play handbag!

Oh Arlo! If you’re anything like my little brother was when I was growing up, I bet all of this makes you a good sport when your big sister wants to play barbies with you in a few years!