Your Tweets: Strangest Place You've Changed a Diaper?


I don’t comprehend restaurants that don’t have changing tables. I’m not talking about hoity-toity, high-brow restaurants, but your average local, family style joint. The ones with high chairs and booster seats available by the dozen.

We went out to dinner the other night and the restroom was not only lacking a changing table, but a counter! I was left holding a poop-filled bag, staring at two stalls and a pedestal sink.

I hesitantly changed him on the floor.

I can’t be the only one who’s done this. Can I?

Apparently not! Here’s the responses I got on twitter when I asked,

Where’s the strangest Place You’ve Changed a Diaper?

  • Mid Flight? Yikes! 1 of 10
    Mid Flight? Yikes!
  • A Cultured Change. 2 of 10
    A Cultured Change.
  • Wonder if any engagement rings were returned that day. ;) 3 of 10
    Wonder if any engagement rings were returned that day. ;)
  • He most definitely does! 4 of 10
    He most definitely does!
  • The grassy knoll. 5 of 10
    The grassy knoll.
  • At a party! 6 of 10
    At a party!
  • Everywhere! 7 of 10
  • A Talent I must learn! 8 of 10
    A Talent I must learn!
  • A Trunk. 9 of 10
    A Trunk.
  • I’m Impressed! 10 of 10
    I'm Impressed!

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