Your Poop Isn't So Cute Anymore

That's right. My poop doesn't stink.

If you’re still breastfeeding your baby – and this is your first baby – you may not be aware that when you switch from breastfeeding to formula something is going to change.  Well, you’ll be changing a lot of diapers, sure.  But it’s the smell of those diapers that’s going to change.

When breastfeeding, poop is mustard-colored, seedy, and runny.  And it doesn’t stink!  It smells strange, but it doesn’t stink.  In fact some people even like the smell, insisting it has the distinct odor of buttered popcorn.   Now, I don’t know about popcorn, but I’m definitely not feeling like I need to change the diaper pail every two seconds. Speaking of diaper pails, what do you use? I use the Diaper Champ and I love, love LOVE it.

So Henry’s poop is fine, great even. I know that if I ever switch him to formula the poop won’t smell so good. But it’s the difference between Henry and Violet’s poop that is so shocking.

Before Henry was born, Violet seemed like our tiny, little sweetheart. But now, compared to Henry, she’s gigantic. And her poop isn’t so cute anymore. It’s stinky, offensive adult poop. Changing Henry’s cute, breastmilk poop and then changing one of Violet’s diapers really hammers home the fact that she’s not my baby anymore. Dear God, it’s like changing an adult’s diaper and I should know. I spend high school and part of college working in retirement homes and as a home health aide.  At least I’m not pregnant anymore and can stomach smells like poop, dog food and baby burps… you know, the usual stuff a mom smells throughout the day.

You didn’t expect to get a dissertation on the evolution of poop today, did you? You’re welcome.

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