Zulily Labor Day Blowout Sale...The One Time a "Blowout" is Okay.


You know about Zulily right? Baby, kid, mom and home stuff for 40%-75% off? Sometimes more? The only catch is that sizes and quantities are limited. But still. I have gotten some AMAZING things from Zulily. Over long weekends they generally have huge blowout sales of overstocked items and some of the things you can find? Dude. (I also feel it needs to be mentioned that shipping can take for. ev. er. but totally worth the wait.)

Here’s a few worth mentioning that I found today. Remember, quantities limited!

  • Go GaGa Slide Messenger Diaper Bag 1 of 6
    Go GaGa Slide Messenger Diaper Bag
    I have this bag and it is AMAZING. $44.99 (Originally $118.00)
  • Don’t Forget to Be Awesome Print 2 of 6
    Don't Forget to Be Awesome Print
    $12.99 (Originally $30.00)
  • GLAMOURMOM Nursing Tank 3 of 6
    GLAMOURMOM Nursing Tank
    $18.99 (Originally $42.00)
  • Envirosax Reusable Bags 4 of 6
    Envirosax Reusable Bags
    $3.99 (Originally $9.00)
  • Skinies Nursing Tank 5 of 6
    Skinies Nursing Tank
    $12.99 (Originally $33.00)
  • Charlie Banana Hybrid Cloth Diapers 6 of 6
    Charlie Banana Hybrid Cloth Diapers
    $65.99 (Originally $108.00)

Not pictured but also available? Nursing bras, clothing for baby, clothing for girls and boys, shoes for babies and kids, shoes for women, closet organization, baby slings, maternity clothing, lounge wear for women, toys, books, movies and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

(As of 10:56 am EST the Zulily site is experiencing some technical difficulties…sorry about that.)

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