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Let’s Tell it Like it is: 10 Common Baby Items and Their Real Names

By Meredith Carroll |


Exersaucer? How about neglect-a-saucer.

Companies spend millions doing research and hiring experts to come up with the perfect names for their products.

But when it comes to baby toys and foods, any mom can tell you in a nanosecond what they should really be called because we know what they’re really used for.

Behold: Ten baby items and what they should be called, as opposed to the name on the package:



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Goodnight Moon? More like Goodnight Soon

Goodnight Soon

It’s the classic children's book that has been cherished at bedtime for generations because of the quiet poetry of words and lulling illustrations that are a perfect way to say a gentle goodbye to the end of the day.
And because it’s only 114 words that you can recite quickly and from memory, you can get on with your night sooner rather than later.
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11 thoughts on “Let’s Tell it Like it is: 10 Common Baby Items and Their Real Names

  1. Candace says:

    you make these things sound like they’re bad ..they help and are not wat you call them like the exersaucer . lulu loves it when shes not in it shes trying to get in it i dont call that neglect a saucer if she adores it .. bad artical in my opinion .

  2. Brandy says:

    I’m sorry but whoever wrote this knows absolutely nothing. Cheerios are helpful in teaching your baby to grasp small objects and no mother lets their baby work on it for half an hour and while they are eating them they are right there in case they choke and don’t let me get into the other items on here….it is ridiculous.

  3. michelle says:

    this is stupid. Cheerios are a healthy and great snack for your little one. My little guy gets these and some toast in the morning, along with his milk. And when it comes to his exersaucer, its his most beloved thing in the world. I’d rather be playing with him on the floor and watching him as he scoots around and his attempts at pulling himself up to try and crawl. But the fact his, the little tyke LOVES his exersaucer and who am I to take something so dear to him away??
    Whoever wrote this clearly is not thinking or has never had a child.

  4. Grey says:

    The exersauser its not cheaper than a walker.that one.y have in the pic its over 80 dollars the walker I have lights music and this thing u put under it if u want ii t to stay stationary

  5. Cassie says:

    this was meant as a joke. no ones saying you neglect you baby if you put them in a saucer. but the fact is, it will give you a break from playing and making sure your little one doesnt get into anything. i put my son in it (and he loves it) so i can get stuff done. otherwise he would be rolling everywhere in the house.

    giving my son cheerios-yes! i get to eat without him trying to grab my spoon every 2 seconds (in S’s world, all spoons belong to him!) and its fun to watch him learning to use all his little fingers :)

    i cant stand barney though, and we only use the paci for bedtime, naps, and shots at the doctors.

    chill out guys.

  6. mom2four says:

    Wow people ever heard of satire? Jeez get a grip. And for the record she said the exersaucer is SAFER than a walker, not cheaper. Cheaper doesn’t equal safer. Walkers are dangerous. Lighten up and don’t take a humorous article so seriously. I for one thought this was hilarious and true!

  7. allie says:

    Of course all of these items are great in their own right. Can’t someone have a sense of humor? Lighten up and just laugh at the post!

  8. Heather says:

    Never read Goodnight Moon to her but we read lots of other books every night! We hardly used the “neglect-a-saucer”. She never liked a paci. Mirrors are always interesting, lol, she has quite a few of those. Cheerios.. ahhh, the “here, take a handful of these while I go prepare breakfast or dinner or start some laundry or do some other task real quick” snack lol. Musical toys.. gotta love em. Prunes, yup, the super poop solution! Didn’t have a fishy thingy… …It’s BJ from Barney, not DJ, lol. Don’t usually watch it with my girl but I loved it to pieces when I was growing up! And she never liked those teething bisquits…

  9. staky says:

    HIS NAME IS BJ not dj

  10. Nicole says:

    OH, I’m so guilty. Yes, I neglected my baby and but him in the excersaucer in front of the shower so he could still hear mommy’s voice while she hurridly cleaned up for 3 minutes.

  11. Sara says:

    My hubby gets annoyed when I call the exosaucer the wheel of neglect. But I mean it as a joke, even though it’s true that I only put her it it when I need to do things like shower, go to the bathroom, or gasp put away laundry. She’s happy in it until I leave the room then bring on the water works, but I know she is safe so that is why I use it and call it “the wheel of neglect”.

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