10 Super Fun Hair Chalks


Hair chalks or shadows are a super fun way to add a pop of color to your hair. They are completely temporary and usually wash out in one shampoo. They are a fantastic way to let your kids enjoy a fun streak or get the “dipped ends” look without commitment. But they aren’t just for kids and young adults. Anyone can have fun with these bright and cheery shades. Adding a little color can be fun for a special event. For example, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure happens on Mother’s Day here in Chicago this month. If you are walking, it’s a terrific excuse for a pink highlight or two!

If you need help applying hair shadow, please visit my tutorial on Parlor.

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  • UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set $14 2 of 11

    Ack! So many fun colors 32 in fact in one affordable set.

    Get it at Urban Outfitters.


  • Hair Color Chalk $15.99 3 of 11

    This vibrant hair color chalk goes on smoothly and washes out in one shampoo.

    Available at Hair Color Chalk.


  • Tint Hair Chalk $15 4 of 11

    This easy to apply tint hair chalk is won't permanently stain hair or clothes.

    Found on Fine Featherheads


  • Free People Hair Chalk by Kisspat $28 5 of 11

    This set of 24 hair chalks should be used on damp hair for maximum color saturation.

    Get it at Free People.


  • Hair Artist Duo Hair Chalks $9 6 of 11

    Use these two-packs to spice up a braid or updo.

    Available at Fred Flare.


  • Gypsy Stix $14.70 7 of 11

    This set has 32 brilliant colors for creating multi-colored looks and fun blended strands.

    Found on LAC Beauty Supply.


  • Choppers Kisses Hair Shadow $15 8 of 11

    These hair shadows set after 15 minutes and contain macadamia nut oil to keep hair from drying out.

    Found on Chopper's Kisses.


  • Colorsmash Hair Shadow $15 9 of 11

    These hair shadows can be smudged on to hair for a vibrant color or combed through for a pastel effect.

    Buy them at Sephora.


  • Anastasia ‘Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder $12.50 10 of 11

    This product can be used in hair or on brows. Set with hairspray or brow gel.

    Available at Nordstrom.


  • Sharee Boutique Hair Chalk $4 11 of 11

    I love that these hair chalks are custom made and can be ordered in any color!

    Found on ShareeBoutique on Etsy.