25 Hair Accessories for 2-Minute Updos


The updo! Whether you’re going to prom, a wedding, or just the park, it’s a simple, classic, and elegant hairstyle.  Anyone can wear it regardless of hair type or texture, and it’s easier to style than you think! Here is a list of 25 awesome hair accessories that basically do the work for you. Thanks to these products, you can give yourself an updo in just two minutes! Enjoy!

  • 25 Hair Accessories for 2 Minute Updos 1 of 26
    25 Hair Accessories for 2 Minute Updos 2

    All 25 of these Hair Accessories will hair you create effortless 2 minute updos. 

  • Banana Clip, $8.49 2 of 26

    Banana Clips are considered a retro or classic accessory that give you a full body ponytail. 

  • Bendini, $1.12 3 of 26

    Just bend and snap to create a your 2-minute updo with Bendini hair accessory. 

  • Bobby Pins, $3.98 4 of 26

    When it comes to updos, bobby pins are synonymous. In most case you can't create an updo without these little guys. 

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  • Bun Spiral, $6.29 5 of 26

    The Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral makes it easy to create the perfect classic bun, half-up bun or bun fountain! Simply twirl your hair into a bun and spin the bun spiral around it for a secure hold. The metallic polish adds the perfect finishing touch.


  • Claw Clips, $4.05 6 of 26

    Scunci Claw Clips get the job done whether its helping to keep your hair out of your face or locking a twist and twirl in place. 


  • Ultimate Updo Clip, $3.99 7 of 26

    Conair Ultimate Updo Clip is an easy way to quickly secure your updo. 

  • Dome Clip, $4.79 8 of 26

    This No-Slip Grip® Dome clip does double duty — it's large enough to hold all of your hair back in an outstanding updo, yet discreet enough to blend in with your hair. 

  • Double Bar Bobby Slide, $3.49 9 of 26

    Double Bar Bobby Slide offers you a range of beautiful hair accessories to inspire you with everyday solutions.

  • French Twist, $5.45 10 of 26

    Create a moder twist with a touch of French flair with the Conair® French Twist.

  • Hair Combs, $7 11 of 26

    Scunci Hair Combs can easily help you create a twisted updo by securing hair in place.

  • Hair Stick Barrette, $27 12 of 26

    Hair Stick Barrette is a fancy way to dress up the plain up twist.  I found this copper handmade barrette on

  • Satin Scarf 13 of 26

    Scarves are a women's best friend. They create so many fashion options.  I love to rock a satin scarf and a messy bun. 

    I found this look on's blog

  • Linziclip, $3.69 14 of 26

    The Linziclip® by scünci® unique flat bottom design allows for a firm yet comfortable hold while the sleek side hinges give you a clean and finished look for any updo.

  • Modern Updo, $5.14 15 of 26

    The Goody Simple Styles Modern Updo allows you to easily upgrade your updo! Simply twist, slip, and flip the Modern Updo for a super secure modern French twist in seconds.


  • Octopus Clip, $3.05 16 of 26

    This eight-pronged  Octopus clip will keep your style in check all day or night! It's a creative way to secure updos and buns — wear one high on the back of your head for instant glamour, or low on the neck for casual chic. No-Slip Grip® technology makes it easy.

  • Oval Large Clipples, $2.18 17 of 26

    Snap one of these Large Oval Clippies into place and your style stays all day! Ideal for updos, ponytails or side accents.

  • Elastic PonyTail Holders, $3.09 18 of 26

    This is a hair accessory that a lady must keep on her person.  Its all-purpose. You can create a ponytail, wrap your hair around the ponytail and secure with one of these Goody Slide Proof Elastics for a loose chignon.

  • Bow Barrette, $1.35 19 of 26

    Clip your ponytail up for a quick updo or sweep your bangs back and hold 'em in place with an elegant touch with Scunci's Bow Barrette

  • Sodial Magic Hair Bun Sponge Maker, $0.55 20 of 26

    Sodial Magic Bun Sponge Maker is a great tool  to add variation to the traditional donut bun. 


  • Spin Pins, $7.99 21 of 26

    Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin allows you to easily achieve three chic updo styles. Simply twirl your hair up and spin the Spin Pins in for a trendy top knot, half-spin or triple bun style!

  • Simple Style Pony Pouf, $6.49 22 of 26

    The Goody Simple Styles Pony Pouf Clip allows you to add volume to your ponytail, taking it from so-so to stunning quickly and easily. 


  • Topsy Tail, $4.99 23 of 26

    The Conair TopsyTail® gives you the ability to effortlessly create a wide array of fabulous updos.

  • Twisty Comb, $5.88 24 of 26

    Simply twist your hair and secure it with the Twisty Comb for a trendy side-twist ponytail, updo twist or half-up twist.

  • Upzing Clip, $14.24 25 of 26

    You can easily create dozens of different hairstyles with Scunci's UpZing Clip, unqiue, two-side combs connected with a intricate and decorative web of elastic band to hold hair effortlessly, beautifully....


  • Bun Maker, $6.40 26 of 26
    Bun Maker

    Conair® Bun Maker is a cute and easy way to create the sock bun. Everything you need is here.