5 Reasons to Scale Back on Makeup This Summer


Ironically enough, the girl who wears makeup daily is talking about scaling it back. I guess that goes without saying, I’ve been a makeup fan for a long time.  I can remember on my twelfth birthday asking my mom if I was old enough to wear mascara and blue eyeliner (a child of the 90’s, mind you).

But lately, I’ve found taking a few days off from wearing makeup during the week has been really refreshing. I don’t think I’ll ever be one to completely bare it all 7 days a week. But with the hot summer and lots of activities outdoors, it’s easier to go lighter on the beauty products.

Here a few good reasons to flaunt a fresh face:

1. Healthier Skin

You might feel more put together with a lot of makeup on; but one of the main reasons you don’t need to wear makeup daily is because it’s not helping your skin. The majority of products contain substances that may cause irritation and inflammation. True, there are products out there with safe SPF and 100% clean ingredients. Even then, our skin likes to breathe free every now and again.

2. You Are Your Own Worst Critic

Some of us feel that makeup is a necessity to distract from this feature or cover up that blemish. Truth be told, our quirks and imperfections are what make us unique. And chances are, the teeny tiny blemish under your left nostril isn’t as big of an eye sore as you might think. I guess that means, my nose freckles and I are going to make amends!

3. Embrace Natural or Close To It

Choose a balance that works for you. Maybe for one that means going makeup-less cold turkey. For others, like myself, it means scaling back on my makeup regimen two days a week. Reducing my routine means using: mascara and gloss. I choose the bare days based on our day’s activities. My wardrobe on those days also follows suit:  simple tee, skinny jeans or bermuda shorts, and flip flops — effortlessly giving permission for less makeup.

4. Save a Few Bucks

Makeup can really get pricey, especially those that contain quality ingredients. By using less makeup during the summer months you can put it to better use. Maybe that means splurging for ice-cream cones after the pool instead of a run to the drugstore to stock up on lipsticks! Or maybe you save the dollars so you can finally afford the makeup splurge you’ve always wanted. Whatever the reason, saving money is always a positive.

5. Focus on Your Features

Sometimes we fall into using makeup as a crutch for neglecting the rest of our face. I know I’m guilty of it. My concealer has become my tool for covering up dark under eye circles — the evidence I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before. If concealer or foundation weren’t options, would I go to bed earlier?

By reducing the amount of products we use, we’re forced to focus more time on natural solutions. Without wearing as much makeup, I make sure to: floss, tweeze and shape my eyebrows, and stay more consistent in my skincare regimen. All of these are natural ways to enhance natural beauty — thus reducing the real reasons we wear more makeup in the first place.

Are you one to wear less makeup? Share your thoughts with me below!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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