5 Products To Banish That Chlorine Green


If you grew up with blond hair, you know that in addition to awesomeness and relaxation with Summer comes green hair. I don’t even dunk my platinum head in a pool that’s not saltwater, but my toe-headed little girl with her swim lessons at the public pool? She looks like she’s (way-prematurely) rocking’ a green ombre.


I mean, is that some green hair, or what? And although my husband laughed and called me spoiled when I told him I remembered using special shampoo as a kid to keep the green out and swore up and down his sister used lemons, my Mother-in-law has since vindicated me in that OF COURSE you have to use special shampoo to get that color out of their hair!



George’s Swimmer’s Shampoo is what I used to keep the green out as a kid taking daily dips for swim team. $11.00, HERE.

450Paul Mitchell’s Clarifying Shampoo is great for keeping chlorine at bay when used daily. It sadly hasn’t done the trick for our little punk rock swimmer. $12.99 HERE.



California Baby is great because it’s all natural and allergen free. It’s our go-to at $11.99, HERE. (Prices seriously fluctuate on this product, so shop around.)

500-1For more intensive care, Swimmers Wellness provides a trifecta of shampoo, conditioner, and weekly treatment to release the minerals that attach to your hair causing the green. $29.00 for the set, HERE.



Triswim’s formula is another gee way to get rid of all the nasties pools leave in your hair. $9.71, HERE.

And of course if you’re dead set on home remedies like my husband, you can see how to use baking soda, vitamin C, or tomato paste to take a stab at the unwanted green HERE.


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