6 MORE Beauty Tips and Tricks You Need to Know: The Sequel



We just talked about this recently, right? Some of my very favorite tips and tricks? The ones that changed my routine for the better permanently? Well, as I was sifting through all of the bits of wisdom I had gathered over the years, I realized there were more than just six. There were more than half a dozen beauty tips I use on a weekly or daily bases that add spunk and sass to how I feel every single day.

Now that you have watched the first video, you know a bit about the magic of dry shampoo, the one place we often forget to apply sunscreen, and a few ways to combat the signs of aging.

But there’s more. I have ANOTHER 6 tips for you. And these ones fall into the same category. I can’t live without these ones either. From tips to avoid frizzy hair to how to clean your makeup brushes, each of them changed me for the better.

6 MORE Beauty Tips and Tricks You Need to Know