Beauty Ingredients Demystified — Diamonds



Products containing diamonds are the latest craze in skincare. As, you can imagine, this is an ingredient that primarily shows up in luxury beauty lines. But what do diamonds do, exactly, for skin?

As the hardest material on earth, ground diamond dust is an exceptional exfoliant. So good, in fact, that diamond microdermabrasion spa treatments are becoming quite popular. In addition to it’s ability to slough off dead skin cells and reveal younger looking skin, diamonds are thought to increase collagen production. Also, they sparkle! Diamond dust-infused products give the immediate effect of added luminosity thanks to their ability to reflect light.

Possibly even more interesting is are the new products containing black diamonds. These mystery diamonds, also called carbonados, are black carbon formations similar to diamonds. Their high hydrogen content suggests they may be from outer space. Because they are only found in Brazil and Africa, it’s possible they came on asteroids.

Instead of reflecting light, black diamonds absorb light, settling into fine lines and wrinkles and convert UV light into a photoluminescence. This gives skin an airbrushed look, reducing the appearance of shadows, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. It’s no wonder black diamond products have become so popular in Hollywood.

Interested in trying a product laced with diamonds? Visit my roundup of luxurious diamond skincare options. WARNING:  They are quite pricey but it’s OK to window shop and dream!