Do You Know Your Butt Type?


In all honesty, this butt diagram made me giggle a little, but it’s actually quite helpful in knowing how to dress your body to accentuate your assets, disguise your flaws, and look great and feel confident in your clothes. Now, I don’t want to take sides, all behinds are beautiful, but for anyone looking for a little boost, this could be your non-surgical ticket to butt heaven.

Let's Get Cheeky  |  Butt Types from Feel Roxy
Let’s Get Cheeky | Butt Types from Feel Roxy

According to Feel Roxy our butts come in all shapes and sizes but there are four distinct shapes our behinds fall into and they are as follows {from}

1. Inverted “V” Shaped Butt: The waist is smaller than the hips. The V- shaped has fullness at the hips and top of the butt, but narrows in size and shape towards the bottom of the butt. The butt is much bigger than the waist. This projects the appearance that the butt is heavier than it is. The shape of the smaller waist in comparison to the larger butt creates the appearance of a V.

2. Square Shaped Butt or also called (masculine looking butt): Square butts are equal in size from waist to hips. This creates a flat appearance. These body types contain low amount of fat at their waist. It is often very difficult to reshape them and requires aggressive and hard surgeries to reshape them.

3. Round Butt also called Cherry Shaped Booty and Bubble Butt: These butts are almost even all around and appear round. The Waist to hip ratio of the person with round butts is equal. It has a very full appearance. Round butts can be easier to shape than others butt occasionally become disproportionate, and looking bottom-heavy. Lifting a round butt up is key to gaining proportion back to the figure.

4. Heart (A-Shaped Butt or also called Oval Booty): Most consider this the most attractive and sexiest shape butt. An A-shaped butt has a smaller top and flared large bottom at the bottom by the thighs. Women with this butt shape have a smaller waistline wherein the body increases in volume going down. This shape is easier to enhance than others. However, there is generally not a lot of fat that is available to create a bigger shape. Therefore their expansion is bit difficult. However if excessive fat is available they can be made more prominent and beautiful.

Feel Roxy offers a variety of body shaping undergarments by Megan Andon to enhance your natural curves. Who knew there were so many options?!

  • Looking for A Heart Shape? 1 of 12

    To achieve a Heart-shaped butt Feel Roxy recommends a Brazilian String Padded Panty Bikini.  The adjustable string side straps help create the perfect fit for any body type. Virtually invisible and totally smooth under clothes and provides approximately 3/4 inches of enhancement.

    Apparently, these are the No.1 choice among brides, celebrity, and beauty pageant contestants as an emergency "booty aid".


    Shop |  Padded Bikini-Booty Call $18.50

  • More Hearts to Love in the Bumkini 2 of 12

    Another option to help you achieve a heart-shape rump, are the Feel Real Padded Bikini Shaper  which will transform your "baggy butt" syndrome into a "plump rump".  Super sexy and cute Minimum Coverage Padded Bikini Panties with djustable string side straps helps create the perfect fit for any body type. Padded Bikini Shaper will firm up, tone up, and round up your asset making it look sexier sort of like Eva Longoria's or Jessica Biel's butt. Great for wearing under skirts, jeans, pants and even shorts. The padding offers about 3/4 inches of enhancement. This butt enhancing Brazilian-style Padded Bikini Panty is ideal for those who want a noticeable but not dramatic boost in a discreet, sexy style undies.


    Shop | Padded Bikini-Bumkini $23

  • Evert your Invert 3 of 12

    To evert your Inverted or V-shaped butt, try a Padded Panty with Control Top. This one piece High Waist Padded Underwear is the way to hide Love Handles, Belly Fat, and Double the Rear End. Shaped Full Figured Padded Panties with attached slimming cincher will transform your not so good looking booty, sagging stomach, and fat love handles into well shaped hourglass body. One piece Slip-on-N-Go.Without wearing it the panties itself with Built-In-Pads looks like a round, plump, apple shaped booty. Comfortable to wear daily or look stunning for that special occasion. What you wear under your clothes is just as important as what you wear on the outside! Butt Pads offers two (2) inches of enhancement.


    Shop | Body Code -Shaping Panties $32

  • Full-Body Shaper 4 of 12

    Another suggestion for lifting an inverted or V-shaped behind is this open-bust slimming suit which lifts and support the bottom, sculpts the waist and flattens the tummy. BBS design can be worn with any bra. High back design smooths bra lines. Easy to put on and take off. This Slimming Body Suit dissolve body odor, bacteria, and keeps sweat away. Medium to strong compression body shaper all in one. If you like smooth curves you'll love this suit!


    Shop | Bamboo Body Shapewear $47

  • Trying to Fit a Circle into a Square 5 of 12

    To soften the edges of a square shaped behind, Feel Roxy suggests Butt Lifter with Removable Hip Pads.  This high waist hip push up panties gives a boyish figure curves. Each side has 1 removable foam pad to enhance your shape where you need it and where the surgery is not an option. Perfect for square figures. Each pad has its own pocket so it won't move around. The "holes" in the back of the brief will push the booty up-and-out of the panty. You'll see the perky, curved butt you've always wanted (or used to have).


    Shop | Hips Padded Panty-Hipnotic $23

  • Wiggle Room Hip Enhancers 6 of 12

    Add curves to your straight figure and square backside by enhancing your hips. Each side has 1 removable oval foam pad to enhance your shape where you need it and where the surgery is not an option. Each pad add approximately 2 inches of hip boost, and has its own hidden pocket so it won't move around. This Hip Booster is perfect for Rectangle Body Shape. Add the optional Teardrop Silicone Hip Pads for even more realistic look and feel.


    Shop | Padded Hip Enhancer-Hippy $29.85

  • Add Curves to Your Square 7 of 12

    A fan of snowboarders, these lace padded boy shorts with hidden butt pads pack a punch and soften their curves and their falls. Padded Panties Boy Shorts style offers a moderate boost and hidden padding. 1/4" thin cloth-covered concave shaped pads fits perfectly against each butt cheek and securely in each pocket. With a super low- rise waistline this padded boyshorts are perfect for skirts, lowrise jeans, shorts, and dresses. Invisible when in clothes.  Note: The panties tends to run small. Choose one size bigger than you normally wear.


    Shop | Hidden Pockets Panties (Unbuttable) $21.95


    If you need to go invisible, they also offer stick-on buns, but I don't think I'd trust the Peel and Stick Buttock Implants $17.99 to stay put and risk the possibility of losing one half way through the evening.

  • Shape Your Round Rump 8 of 12

    Pre-shaped, molded natural looking padded panties is contoured & formed to resemble a realistic round bottom. Molded after actual human body. One piece Slip-on-N-Go. The pad stretches from the hip to the middle of the cheek, and all the way to the other hip. This formed padded panties give you very realistic boost. The low rise waistline style offers about 2 inches of boost, one of the thickest padded panties on the market today. Without wearing it only the panties itself with Built-In-Pads looks like a cute, round, plump, apple shaped butt.


    Shop | Padded Panties-Peek a Boo $20.95

  • Pink Panther 9 of 12

    Buttock Enhancer- Pink Panther is a one piece panty with built-in foam padding. Pre-Shaped, natural looking padded panty is contoured & formed to resemble a realistic round bottom. Molded after actual human body. One piece Slip-on-N-Go It comes in FOUR different colors to suit your style, mood and most importantly, to match your outfits. Features 1/2 inch thick built-in foam pads.


    Sbop | Padded Panty-Pink Panther 4 pack Beige, Cyan, Pink, and Black $22.95

  • Booty Code 10 of 12

    Laser-Cut Padded Panties is a one piece butt enhancer with built-in foam padding. Lightly padded, natural looking with contour foam to resemble a curvaceous bottom and a very moderate boost vs a dramatic look.  Perfect if you  just want a little extra back there. Extremely soft, stretchy, and undetectable. Molded after actual human body. Great for low-rise jeans, mini skirt, dresses, light fabric pants or shorts. All you need is a pair of our padded panties and voila, you have a cute, round booty. Provides approximately ¼" of boost.


    Shop | Padded Underwear-BootyCode $24.50

  • Like a Push-up Bra for your Butt 11 of 12

    Bump up your booty with this sexy, comfortable push up underwear. Booty Pop Brazilian Butt lifting Panties provides minimum booty coverage and maximum push-up effect. The holes are design to push your butt cheeks up and out and that's going to give very natural lifted look simply because it is your own body. Great for all body types (hourglass, apple, pear, and pencil) available in all sizes, from S to XXL. Great for those who don't need that extra "junk in their trunk" but just to tone a droopy, saggy rear-end. The front looks like your typical boxer briefs. If you are in-between sizes choose size up just to make sure is not too tight. Comfy for all-day use. Just slip-on-n-go. Still don't believe it? See for your self!


    Shop | Butt Lifter Panties-BootyPop $23

  • They Even Have one for Men! 12 of 12

    Women aren't the only ones self-conscious and critical about their lumps and bumps! Both men and women appreciate a great butt. Don't worry guys, we have your butt covered too. Get the curves Mother Nature forgot with our comfortable and realistic looking butt enhancers. Used by models, actors, seniors, health challenged, horseback riders, motorcyclists, snowboarding, long journey travel, and more. Molded after actual human body. This male padded trunks are ideal for all those who are into sports. Butt pads absorbs all the shocks and provides extra protection and comfort to the wearer.  Perfect for the people engaged in martial arts, horse riding, cycling, and etc. Low-rise style can be worn under just about anything without showing. Just slip it on and you are ready to go. 


    Shop | Padded Briefs for Men $26




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