Fingerstaches -- Add Humor To Your Look!



It’s no wonder April kicks off with April Fool’s Day, we could use a little humor before tax season crunch time, or what I like to call “my nightmare”. And so I thought what better way to inspire the fool in all of us than with Fingerstaches, this amazing collection of — you guessed it —  tiny mustache tattoos for your fingers practically guaranteed to brighten days.


With nineteen styles to choose from, including the double finger stash, Gama Go’s collection makes me smile just thinking about the fun to be had. Don’t forget to match your eye makeup to your finger stash, a little vintage flair to your liner could give you an instant costume when you toss up, say — “El Bandito” or “The Villian.” And “The Swashbuckler” would be killer with a little matte red lipstick.

Available for $6.00, HERE.