Get the Look: J.Lo's Smoky Idol Eyes

How cute is J.Lo? How weird is Keith’s hair? I think it’s even weirder now that he’s lost the mullet. Image courtesy of Fox.

There are few people who have graced the American Idol stage as lovable and real as Jennifer Lopez (man, I can’t BELIEVE I’m saying that about J.Lo, but it’s true! Isn’t she the sweetest? I’m obsessed with her this season!), but I can’t always say I’m on board with her eye makeup choices.

During Hollywood week(s) my sister and I were almost as flipped out over Jen’s rainbow of smoky eyes (what was with the red ones!?!), as we were over Keith’s hair (I’m pretty sure he’s trying to hide male pattern baldness. You’re a handsome guy Keith, I say let it ride).

I can not condone this color choice. Also, this picture does not do it justice. Also picture courtesy of Fox.
I can not condone this color choice. Also, this picture does not do it justice. Also picture courtesy of Fox.

Regardless of how you feel about J.Lo’s color choices, it is clear that the Queen of Pop (there I said it, and I believe it) wants the world to know that it is officially cool to rock a smoky eye in whatever the heck color you want. ANY COLOR AT ALL.

So in honor of the great J.Lo, here’s a quick overview of how to get your own smoky rainbow:

Get Primed


Colorful eye-rainbows start with good primer … if you want the color to stay where you put it. These two from Smashbox are my favorite.


Grab a Palette, Any Palette …


I decided to go with lavenders because they’ve my fave, but you can pick literally any three colors at all.


Start with a lightest color first. Brush it lightly over your entire lid.

…And blend


Traditionally, I’d use the darkest shade on the crease of my smoky eye, but J.Lo seems to use the darkest/most dramatic shade to line her eye, so I’m going to follow suit. I lined the upper and lower lids in magenta, and then blended it with the light base using a copper. I know, it doesn’t even seem like those colors would go together, but I’m following the J.Lo philosophy here, and it kind of worked…


Smoky like J. Lo.! What do you think? Do I pull it off?


 Give it a try!


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