Go Green With Fashion and Style: Put Your Self First


Go Green With Fashion and StyleFor a full week now, we have been above 60 degrees in the Midwest. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself, I am so excited.  For what seems like months now, Mother Nature has been teasing us with the odd 75 degree day here, an 82 there and then plunging us back in to the 40’s with a side of sleet and snow.

I’m finally at the point where I think I can safely saw that won’t happen again.  I think.  So, I’m now switching my closet over, putting the sweaters and Winter attire away until they are truly needed again.

And I’m prioritizing the bright, beautiful Spring colors – especially the ones I love the most.  And it just so happens one of my very favorite colors in the world is Pantone‘s color of the year – this fabulous Emerald green.  If you aren’t familiar with Pantone – they are the ‘world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems’.

Now… you and I both know, it isn’t possible (nor prudent) to re-do your closet based on one color – not matter how much you love it. But, it IS fun to have a couple of pieces or to find a way to incorporate this color in to your wardrobe – even if you don’t want to head out and spend some serious money.

Here’s how.

Have you found creative ways to incorporate this shade of Emerald Green in to your wardrobe?  I’d love to know where you’ve found your best deals.

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