18 Hair and Makeup Tutorials for Halloween That Will Blow Your Mind


For a truly killer Halloween costume, you need equally fabulous hair and makeup. That’s where our beauty bloggers come in. They’ve created a whole bunch of insanely creative tutorials for mom that will take your costumes to the next level. And don’t worry; even if you’re not good at doing makeup or styling hair, you’ll be surprised at how achievable these looks are. It’s easier than ever to go all out this year — just don’t scare the kids! — Caitlin Morton

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    Take your Halloween costumes to the next level with these original hair and makeup tutorials. Click through for 18 fabulous ideas!

  • Maleficent 2 of 19

    Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent is hands down the scariest Disney villain ever, and this remarkable makeup tutorial completely captures the creep factor. Those violet eyes and red lips are sure to help you stand out on Halloween night!

    Get the Maleficent makeup tutorial here

  • Zebra 3 of 19

    If you're looking for a unique Halloween costume, this Zebra tutorial is right up your alley. You can use a stencil to guide you when coloring in your black stripes to save time, and no one will be the wiser! But the best part about this costume is the chic and animalistic braid. This is one hairstyle you'll definitely want to remember for future occasions.

    Get the Zebra makeup tutorial here

    Get the Zebra hair tutorial here

  • Margot Tenenbaum 4 of 19

    If you've ever seen The Royal Tenenbaums, you surely remember Margot's blunt bob and heavily lined eyes. Even if you have long hair, you can still pull off this famous look — it's way easier than you think! (And no scissors are required.)

    Get the Margot Tenenbaum hair and makeup tutorial here

    Bonus! Get the Margot Tenenbaum costume tutorial here

  • Merida 5 of 19

    No red hair? No problem! Find out how to get the fair skin and wild mane made famous by Merida in Brave, no matter your natural hair color. You'll be chasing will o' the wisps and shooting arrows in no time!

    Get the Merida hair and makeup tutorial here

    Bonus! Get the Merida costume tutorial here

  • Beautiful Witch 6 of 19

    Take the classic witch costume to the next level with Abby's glammed-up version. All the products used in this tutorial come from one makeup kit, so you'll definitely save a lot of time (and money!) on this year's fabulous Halloween costume.

    Get the beautiful witch makeup tutorial here

  • Rogue 7 of 19

    X-Men's Rogue is known for the white streaks in her hair, and this tutorial shows you how to perfectly replicate that style. Once you do the ‘do, add some simple yet dramatic makeup, and you'll be stealing mutant powers before you know it.

    Get the Rogue hair and makeup tutorial here

  • Grayscale Film Noir Characters 8 of 19

    If you really want to wow your friends this year, dare to go gray. These costumes may look like Photoshop come to life, but the effect is all makeup and hair styling. How often do you find a costume that is both a trick and a treat?

    Get the grayscale film noir characters hair and makeup tutorial here

  • Tinker Bell 9 of 19

    Tinker Bell's sassiness and gamine looks make her the perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume. This hair and makeup tutorial will help you pull off all of Tink's pixie charm. You can even learn how to give yourself faux bangs!

    Get the Tinker Bell hair and makeup tutorial here

    Bonus! Get the Tinker Bell costume tutorial here

  • Periwinkle 10 of 19

    Don't forget about Periwinkle, Tinker Bell's bubbly sister! While Morgan has the advantage of already having a purple-hued pixie cut, her tutorial walks you through the steps of getting the sparkly hair and makeup looks for yourself. Remember — the more glitter, the better!

    Get the Periwinkle hair and makeup tutorial here

  • Kitty Cat 11 of 19

    Whether you're going to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with your kids, this kitty cat costume is sure to be a success. The best part is that if your makeup is detailed and fabulous, you can keep the rest of your costume low-key. Here you'll learn how to contour your face and get flawless cat eyes — tips that'll come in handy any day of the year.

    Get the kitty cat makeup tutorial here

  • Leopard 12 of 19

    Feelin' a little wilder than your average kitty? Add some spots to your face and volume to your hair! This sultry leopard costume is surprisingly easy to do yourself, and you will hardly have to spend a dime to pull it off. Rawr!

    Get the leopard hair and makeup tutorial here

  • Snow White’s Evil Queen 13 of 19

    The Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs may be evil, but her dramatic eyes and bright lips are undeniably flawless. Make sure you pay special attention to the eyeshadow technique in this tutorial to capture the perfect smoky look.

    Get the Evil Queen makeup tutorial here

  • Pin-Up Girl 14 of 19

    From Bettie Page-inspired bangs to retro victory curls, these cute hairstyles will take any pin-up girl costume to the next level. Pair them with a cat-eye and some bright red lips for an easy Halloween look!

    Get 6 pin-up girl hair tutorials here

  • Bella Swan 15 of 19

    Bella from the Twilight series is a great costume for anyone seeking a low-maintenance look. You can wear practically anything from your wardrobe, and you may already have most of the makeup in your cosmetic bag. This tutorial adds extra flair with glittery skin and hair extensions. Optional: blood-red colored contacts, if you want to be extra scary.

    Get the Bella Swan hair and makeup tutorial here

  • Broken Doll 16 of 19

    This broken doll makeup is the perfect look for taking your kids trick or treating this year. It's fun and unique without being too creepy, so your little ones won't get spooked when they see you. All you need is some white makeup, liquid eyeliner, and false eyelashes, and you're ready to go!

    Get the broken doll makeup tutorial here

  • Cinderella 17 of 19

    Not only will this tutorial help you look like an iconic Disney princess, but it will also show you how to transition your costume from day to night! Plus, you may find yourself using Maegan's hair and makeup tips long after October 31st.

    Get the Cinderella hair and makeup tutorial here

    Bonus! Get the Cinderella costume tutorial here

  • Glinda the Good Witch 18 of 19

    When it comes to Oz-inspired costumes, we trust the beauty blogger who performed in the national tour of Wicked! Alli provides every step needed to nab Glinda's pin curls and glittery makeup. Warning: randomly belting out show tunes may occur.

    Get the Glinda the Good Witch hair and makeup tutorial here

  • Betty Draper 19 of 19

    If you waited until the last minute to pick out your Halloween costume, Mad Men's Betty Draper might just be your saving grace. Her makeup is classic and simple, and this tutorial will help you easily recreate her retro hairdo. As an added bonus, you'll get to wear a fabulous vintage-style frock to round out your costume!

    Get the Betty Draper hair and makeup tutorial here

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