Lash Out: Get Your Lids Holiday Ready With Faux Lashes


I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that the lash can make the outfit. For me, my special occasion makeup plans almost always revolve around a great pair of flappers, and this holiday season is no different. Lashes can give even the most dressed down gal a glamorous look, and even if you think your style doesn’t warrant the faux lash, or even if you associate them strictly with strippers and the like, I dare you to give them a second chance. A little lash goes a long way, and I think you’ll be surprised what a great pair can do for you. I could swear they’re like actual magic.

  • Lashes Are A Girl’s Best Friend 1 of 15

    I've rounded up one for every look and included some of my favorites and some I've had my eye on. In this photo, I'm wearing DIVA from Ardell's Cirque Du Soliel Collection.


    Available HERE for $3.99

  • Urban Decay Flirt 2 of 15

    Urban Decay's Flirty lashes will take you back to the swingin' sixties.


    Available HERE for $15.00

  • POP – Fantasy False Lashes 3 of 15

    POP's lash line has tons of fun options, like this whimsical pair.


    Available HERE, $15.00

  • Sephora Showstopper 4 of 15

    On sale for $0.90! Less than a dollar! Seriously!


    Available at

  • Benefit “Pin Up” 5 of 15

    These Benefit lashes add just the right amount of sparkle.


    Available HERE for $15.00

  • Professional Lashes in Two Lengths 6 of 15

    For a fully customizable look.


    Available HERE, $24.00

  • Lash Accents 7 of 15

    When you're just looking for a little something extra, these are great for first time lash wearers.


    Available HERE, $3.49 

  • Diva 8 of 15

    With a glitter lash line for added drama. Awesome for that New Year's party!


    Available HERE, $3.99 on sale!

  • POP – Icon False Lashes 9 of 15

    A 60s look to finish off your cat-eye. 


    Available HERE, $12.00

  • I mean really. 10 of 15

    Who knows more about wearing false lashes than the Kardashians?


    Available HERE, $6.49

  • Benefit “Big Spender” 11 of 15

    Benefits lashes are pricey, but lovely and long-lasting.


    Available HERE, $15.00

  • POP – Dressed Up 12 of 15

    Pretty and subtle.


    Available HERE, $15.00

  • Kevyn Aucoin "Starlet" 13 of 15

    Who doesn't want to see what Kevyn Aucoin's line can do for lashes? 


    Available HERE, $25.00

  • Japonesque 14 of 15

    A structured look from Japonesque.


    Available HERE, $8.60

  • Vincent Longo “Gina” 15 of 15

    Ahhh, Vincent Longo. I wore these to my wedding, and the effect was spectacular.


    Available HERE $14.00

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