Last Minute Easy Halloween Makeup: Dead


I first went as this costume in the fifth grade when I had to come up with something for school that wasn’t my “sexy pirate” costume. (It was 5th grade appropriate, don’t worry.) It’s been kind of a last-minute go-to ever since, and it remains an all time fave. You can use fake blood or plain old lipstick, and mix up your blood spatter to explain your final moments.

If you’ve got five minutes, you’ve got a costume.

  • Look Like Death 1 of 7

    I'll show you how...

  • Pale Palor 2 of 7

    Mix white face paint with primer or lotion to give yourself a ghastly appearance.

  • Smoke Your Eyes 3 of 7

    Oversmoke 'em. To death. Literally.

  • Cyclops 4 of 7

    One eye dark, one eye white...

  • Straight from the makeup drawer 5 of 7

    Red lipstick is all you need! Follow your neck crease and shade it in with black shadow.

  • Smudge-job 6 of 7

    It makes it a little extra creepy if you make it look like your wound's been cleaned.

  • The Finished Product 7 of 7

    A white tank top might not be the most convincing costume, but you get the gist...

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