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My husband is a real “man’s man”. He’s kind of like a young Ron Swanson (he does do some wood working and could definitely give Ron a run for his money in the meat eating department) and not given to things that are even remotely fussy. Beauty products would fall under that category for him. The man cuts his own hair, and the only “beauty products” he really uses are soap, toothpaste, and deodorant. Like I said, no fuss. But when I was wanted to see if he would try out some new products for Anthony Logistics For Men, I asked and he agreed. Well … actually, he just didn’t say no, which was as good as a yes in my book. That’s what you get for being married to a beauty blogger. Check out the manly beauty products he tried and see what he thought of them!

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    Manly "Beauty" Products: Anthony Logistics For Men

    Thoughts on some manly "beauty" products from my husband.

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    Manly "Beauty" Products: Anthony Logistics For Men

    This is my husband Craig. He is a do-it-yourselfer, jack-of-all-trades, and collector of hobbies. (No seriously...the man roasts his own coffee beans, brews his own beer, raises chickens, fixes up cars, plays in a football league, cooks like a boss ... the list goes on and on.) I kind of think I hit the cute husband jackpot with this one, but despite those looks, he's not much for primping. He cuts his own hair, doesn't even use shaving cream, and basically soap, toothpaste, and deodorant are the extent of his grooming regimen. As such, it was pretty funny hearing his take on these products. I'm sharing his take and mine, since he's not a man of many words.

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    Manly "Beauty" Products: Anthony Logistics For Men

    First up: the body wash! I happened to be in the bathroom putting on makeup while he was showering and testing this out. I asked what he thought of it, and he responded with, "Mmmm ... it makes me want a steak." My reply: "Ummm ... seriously? How does body wash make you want steak?" He said, "Because it smells all good and 'herby' like something I would want to rub on a steak." His verdict: a winner. I thought it smelled woodsy and wonderful. Definitely a scent I wouldn't mind snuggling up to.

    Purchase for $22.00 from Anthony

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    Manly "Beauty" Products: Anthony Logistics For Men

    Okay, so I've gotta be honest, the lip balm caused him to kick and scream a bit. "I'm a guy. Why do I need lip balm?!" My response was, "Because it makes you taste nice and gives you fresh breath and makes me want to kiss you more. Plus winter = dry lips." Him: "[sigh] Okay." His verdict: "At least it's not shiny." I thought it was great. Minty fresh breath for the win.

    Purchase for $7.50 from Anthony

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    Manly "Beauty" Products: Anthony Logistics For Men

    This one was definitely my favorite, and I may or may not have stolen it for myself. His impression of the blood orange flavor: "It tastes like Tic Tacs." Me: "I know! Isn't it great?!" The verdict on this one: "A little too fruity for me." My verdict: I'm the one that has to kiss him, so if I like the flavor, shouldn't that trump all? Just sayin'.

    Purchase for $7.50 from Anthony

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    Manly "Beauty" Products: Anthony Logistics For Men

    This one was the winner in the lip balm category, because as my husband said, "This one is the most like a guy. No frills. No flavor." I have to agree. While the Tic Tac ... errr ... blood orange-flavored lip balm was my favorite, this is the one I could see my husband actually using the most. Overall, he seemed to like all the products, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw him sneaking lip balm during the dry winter months. You never know!

    Purchase for $7.50 from Anthony


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