Nail Polish TEST! Chanel $27 vs Sinful Colors $1.99 | Which Do you Think Chipped First?


charcoal nails chanel sinful color NAIL TEST

Separately, these two nail polish colors looked like the exact same shade of charcoal gray, but when held next to each other, you can see that one is slightly more blue and the other slightly more red. So given the vast price difference between the two very similar shades, the Chanel $27 and the Sinful Colors $1.99, I thought I’d test them out and do a full nail polish comparison {days 1, 3, & 5}.

Which one do you think chipped first?

Click through the link below to view the comparison and see the results!
* Nail Polish Comparison | Chanel Lacquer vs Sinful Colors | A Tale of Two Charcoal Grays