Smell Like You Mean It: "Walk Of Shame" Gets Bottled


WalkOfShameBottle_clipped_small_largeI was initially drawn to Smell Bent’s Walk of Shame because of its catchy name and kitschy bottle, but what’s inside kept me lingering for longer than a one night stand.

Musky, light, and surprisingly discreet, I can’t get enough of this cold weather scent — it complements my leather jacket both in fragrance and attitude. And it’s well priced — the $49 price tag meant I took it home with me instead of just refusing to wash my wrists for a week while I debated whether or not it was going to call me.

I kid. Mostly. But seriously. Plenty of folks need a chuckle on Valentines day, right? Funny name, seriously satisfying smell. Available HERE.

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