Tips for Summer Haircare at the Pool


5cce8eb2b98c11e29ca422000a1fb149_7Little looks as appetizing as a nice, sparkly swimming pool on a 90-degree summer day.

So many of us take the time to apply heavy-duty sunscreen to protect our skin, but oftentimes we forget about our hair. I’ve had to deal with the dreaded “part burn” too many times as a kid, so now I’ve become strict about applying sunscreen to my hairline and in my part.

Sun, salt water, and chlorine can do major damage to your hair over time, so it’s important to prepare your hair for a day at the pool in order to keep it nice and healthy. Summer haircare is often forgotten, but all you need are a few steps to keep your strands in great shape.

First, if you know you are going to be getting your hair wet, wet it with fresh water from home and apply a healthy dose of conditioner but do not rinse it out. Braid your hair loosely or slick it back into a ponytail (use hair-ties like these to avoid breakage). By doing this, you are letting conditioner “fill the holes” of damage or split ends instead of chemicals from the pool.

Pack a wide tooth comb, a leave-in spray, and a head scarf in your pool bag.

If you plan on laying out in the sun for a while, spray some leave-in conditioner in your hair and comb through it as gently as possible. Wrap a head scarf around your head and enjoy a relaxing summer snooze.

As soon as you are finished swimming for the day, rinse your hair with fresh water. Spray on a bit more of the leave-in conditioner, and then wash your hair when you return home. The less amount of time that the pool chemicals spend on your hair, the better.

If you notice any buildup or residue in your hair over time, it may be worth having a clarifying treatment done at a salon. These treatments will help remove all of the junk you don’t want on your hair, leaving it fresh and clean!

Summer haircare is often forgotten, but all you need are a few steps to keep your strands in great shape.


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