Sunday Funnies: 21 Hilarious Beauty-Themed E-Cards


I need a laugh this morning. I hurt my back last night. I have no idea how it happened; I just woke up and something was pinched. Now I’m having trouble sitting but my feet are killing me from a busy work week as a hairstylist! Oh, the irony. I hope you are having a better Memorial Day weekend. Either way, these funny beauty-related e-cards are sure to make you smile.

  • Natural Beauty 1 of 21

    Ha! I found this gem at Someecards.

  • Bikini Season 2 of 21

    Mmmm... ice cream. Find this smile-inducing card at Someecards.

  • Good Looking 3 of 21

    Rottenecards is responsible for this silly ecard.

  • Looking Ill 4 of 21

    I found this hilarious someecard in Modern Salon's collection of funny images on Facebook.

  • Great Face for Makeup 5 of 21

    My Mother Was Nuts by Penny Marshall sponsored this hilarious Someecard.

  • Wet Nails 6 of 21

    I found this "first world problem" on Memegenerator.

  • Look at My Nail Polish 7 of 21

    Something in this one hits a little too close to home... Found on Craftynail.

  • Photoshop 8 of 21

    Photoshop is  a girl's best friend according to this Someecard.

  • Waste of Makeup 9 of 21

    This Rottenecard made me laugh out loud. Been there!

  • Nail Polish Addict 10 of 21

    Yep, I can do this. Check it out at Craftynail.

  • Big Teeth 11 of 21

    Oh kids, they say the darnedest things! Get giggling at Hahas for Hoohas.

  • 50 Shades of Grey 12 of 21

    Ha! I haven't read the book but this Someecard still makes me snort.

  • Sleep Usually Wins 13 of 21

    I have to argue against the premise of this Someecard. Sleep is how I spend time on my appearance! 

  • In For the Night 14 of 21

    Now that's an excuse I can understand! Send it to a friend at Someecards.

  • I’m Lovin’ It 15 of 21

    This Someecard is too mean to send but it's funny!

  • The Answer Is A Lot 16 of 21

    The image on this Someecard makes me chuckle as much as the statement.

  • A Good Hairstylist Is Hard to Find 17 of 21

    As a hairstylist, this funny Someecard makes me smile.

  • Truth 18 of 21

    For real! I've certainly never heard anyone say that. Laugh away your day with Someecards.

  • Mustaches Rule 19 of 21

    Send it to your furry-faced friends at Someecards.

  • Looking Young 20 of 21

    This funny e-card is sponsored by anti-aging product Strivectin! Found on Someecards.

  • Skinny Sleep 21 of 21

    I'll settle for any kind of sleep! Find a funny ecard or create your own at Someecards.