You Gotta Try This: Three Minute No Heat Curls For Short to Mid-Length Hair [Video]



I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of having chopped my hair beyond styling length, and most days I revel in that decision. But there are some days, days when I see a really amazing head of ombre hair, or an up-do I’d just kill for, that I kind of miss my long, luscious, style-able locks. (Who am I kidding? My locks were never luscious. I’ve always had unruly hair.)

Anyway…it was about six months before the big chop that I discovered this amazing method of no-heat-curling, and I have to tell you it became my go-to for any big event. The curls that result are phenomenal. I highly recommend giving it a try.

(Here’s a no-heat-curl tutorial for long hair, courtesy of The Paper Mama!)

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