10 Cute and Creative Thanksgiving Snacks for Kids


If your kids are celebrating with a Thanksgiving-themed party at school or if you’ll just be hosting a kid-heavy dinner come Thursday, these Thanksgiving-themed treats and party snacks are sure to make them squeal with delight. There’s everything from turkey treats to pilgrim eats and harvest fare and everything in between. A bit and a bite for everyone in these cute and creative Thanksgiving treats for kids.

  • Pumpkin Pie Bites 1 of 10
    Pumpkin Pie Bites
    Teeny tiny pumpkin pies make adorable treats.
    Get the recipe for Pumpkin Pie Bites via Bakerella
  • Thanksgiving Snack Mix 2 of 10
    Thanksgiving Snack Mix
    This autumn-colored snack mix will be a hit with the kids.
    Get the recipe for Thanksgiving Snack Mix via No Biggie
  • Turkey Crispies 3 of 10
    Turkey Crispies
    Ah. I'm dying from the crispy cuteness of these gobblers.
    Get the recipe for Turkey Crispies via Amy's Finer Things
  • Thankful Turkey Jar 4 of 10
    Thankful Turkey Jar
    A great way to remind kids to be thankful, with a treat too!
    Get the recipe for Thankful Turkey Jar via Toddler Approved
  • Acorn Bites 5 of 10
    Acorn Bites
    Super easy to throw together, and an adorable acorn for those squirrely kids after dinner.
    Get the recipe for Acorn Bites via Poppytalk
  • Caramel Apple Pumpkins 6 of 10
    Caramel Apple Pumpkins
    Cinnamon caramel turns ordinary apples into pumpkin treats.
    Get the recipe for Caramel Apple Pumpkins via Bakingdom
  • Cone-ucopia Cookie Bites 7 of 10
    Cone-ucopia Cookie Bites
    Tiny cookie fruits fill this cone-ucopia...
    Get the recipe for Cone-ucopia Cookie Bites via The Decorated Cookie
  • The Cone-ucopia Itself 8 of 10
    The Cone-ucopia Itself
    Plus instructions on how to make your very own cone-ucopia, twirly tail and all!
    Get the recipe for The Cone-ucopia via The House of Whimsy
  • Oreo Turkey Bites 9 of 10
    Oreo Turkey Bites
    I absolutely adore these turkeys. Our Best Bites uses them for name-card holders as they set their Thanksgiving table. Genius!
    Get the recipe for Oreo Turkey Bites via Our Best Bites
  • Pilgrim Hats 10 of 10
    Pilgrim Hats
    A few easy pilgrim hats to round out the kids treats and snacks for Thanksgiving!
    Get the recipe for NAME via Woman's Day