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10 Foods You Should NEVER Feed Baby

By brooklynsupper |

As our youngest daughter enters her ninth month, the world has turned into a slightly terrifying place. She’s constantly picking up and eating tiny bits from the floor, pulling things off tables, and her in-home adventures often lead to bumps and bruises. She’s also eating more and is really enjoying mashed and finger foods. We’re loving our newly adventurous eater and have started offering her a wider range of foods. But there are a few things we’ll be skipping entirely, at least until she’s much better at the whole eating thing. Head below the jump for 10 foods you should NEVER feed baby.


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Feeding Baby Solids: 10 Foods That Are Unsafe for Baby

Whole Hot Dogs

You're probably thinking hot dogs made the "don't feed to baby" list because they're made with eyeballs and lips and what not, but actually they're a serious choking hazard. If you are going to feed them to your baby, cut them up into tiny
pea-sized bits.
5 simple food resolutions for a happy, healthy baby

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23 thoughts on “10 Foods You Should NEVER Feed Baby

  1. TK says:

    When I first saw the post title, and the accompying photo of carrots, I was like, “what? Someone’s going to tell me not to feed my child carrots??”. And then I read your post and was very pleased to see that it was specified as RAW carrots, and that the focus was chocking hazards (not allergies, as so many baby food posts seem to be about). So thank you for that!

  2. Nicole says:

    I can vouch for the hot dogs being a choking hazard. I choked on one as a kid and have never eaten another one.

  3. Kellan says:

    Actually, if you’re doing Baby Led Weaning, you can feed baby raw carrot sticks. They’ll merely gag on the too big pieces instead of coking (choking is pretty rare with BLW kids, though it does happen, so keep a CLOSE watch over baby). I tried a mix of this and purees with my now 11mo daughter. So far, she’s only had a few choking scares – it’s mostly gagging, and once I could tell the difference, it got much easier on my mommy system.

    Once a baby is truly ready to eat something besides breastmilk (or formula, goat’s milk, etc), and as long as at least one parent is comfortable with it, baby can start with things like raw carrot sticks, cooked sweet potato fries or half-patties, sliced apples (1/8 sized, cored, & skinned), cooked peas, raw avocado, and so on.

    With honey, it depends on whose advice you take and whether there’s a family history of allergies – the wait can be anywhere from one to three years old. Just tailor it to your own family. :)

  4. Kellan says:

    *edit: raw carrot sticks cut down to size (like thin fries).

  5. wren says:

    My family is Russian, and everyone grew up on honey… so I don’t get the American thing about no honey until the baby is at least a year old. My mother even dunked my pacifiers in honey…

  6. Shana says:

    The thing with the honey is botulism. Raw honey sometimes carries this dangerous germ and the logic is that if a baby were to eat it their bodies aren’t strong enough or big enough to fight it off. Their immune systems are still developing. Thats why we say wait until they are at least 1 year old.

  7. Listymama says:

    Grapes! never cut in half and Always cut on the long! wait till two to introduce

  8. Lucy says:

    We used raw carrots in a mesh to soothe gums.

  9. Susan says:

    my 9 month old has no problems with raw apples and whole hot dogs, since she was 6 months old she has been following the baby led weaning as she would get really bad belly aches and we noticed it was always after we gave her baby food, all i do is skin the hot dogs and apples and give them to her if she cant swallow it she spits it back up she also eats steak and chicken and anything else she can grab and eat alone, supervised of course

  10. Roslynn says:

    Who on earth gives their babies atomic fire ball candy? Seriously?

  11. Alyssa says:

    I seriously hope no one gives their toddlers atomic fireballs..LOL..

  12. Sai says:

    Wren I’m with you it’s the same thing in Mexico we have pacifiers with honey inside so when here they told me not to feed babies honey I was confused.

  13. Brandi says:

    I have always given my son local honey since he first started eating solid foods. He’s never reacted badly to it and in fact, he loves it more than syrup on his breakfast waffle.
    It’s full of antioxidants and it is a natural bacteria fighter. The health benefits of honey are huge including improved health in the digestive & immune systems. He’s 2 now and has had minumal health issues (1 ear infection at 5 months and maybe 3 minor colds)
    I doubt that honey was the sole reason for his continued good health but I do believe that a more natural/ non processed diet is key to every childs nutritional well being…hince me choosing to feed my son natures super-powered-sweetener, honey.

  14. Jaclyn Barge says:

    This is a “duh” article! Again a useless article from Babble. Common sense tells you not to feed a “baby” these items!!!

  15. Debbie says:

    So long as you cut your raw carrots and apples long and thin, they aren’t a choking hazard. And yes, baby led weaning is best. Food before one just for fun!

  16. Matt Shipman says:

    While I am glad that none of your kids have got botulism from eating honey, your anecdotal experience does not disprove the mountain of scientific evidence showing that you are putting your kids at risk. More than 1,000 reported cases in the U.S. over the past 40 years. And, remember, it’s very difficult to trace foodborne illness back to the source, so the actual number of cases is almost certainly orders of magnitude larger. You don’t have to believe me. Check any of the following links:
    Mayo Clinic:

  17. Mia says:

    I have a one year old. she loves Dog. I give them to her.she has never choked on them. But I do watch her when she is eatting them.

  18. Samantha Karll says:

    Automic fire balls? I don’t see why someone would even have to put that on the list. What they couldn’t think of #10 and decided on that? Who would even think to do that?

  19. brooklynsupper says:

    Hi Samantha, Thanks for your comment. The inclusion of Atomic Fire Balls was meant to be a tongue in cheek end to the post, since they’re inappropriate for babies on many levels. That said, they are a choking hazard.

  20. YoMumma says:

    Totally agree with Jaclyn! When I saw the heading I thought it would be interesting but that was just useless information. This post should have been call “10 foods your baby COULD choke on”. I didn’t find the humor in the ‘atomic fire ball’ comments either Samantha. A choking hazard for the post maybe.

    For a post with this heading, I would have thought a little research into food unsuitable for the digestive systum of a child under 1yr would have been much more interesting.
    Why not try looking up tomato, meat and egg as a starting point.

  21. Canuckmom says:

    Things like apples, carrots and pears I would grate with a cheese grater. It’s the perfect size for little mouths then!

  22. debbie koenig says:

    @Yumumma, tomato, meat, and eggs are all perfectly fine for babies. The AAP changed their recommendations a few years ago since there’s no research that shows any of those foods are dangerous. Each baby’s digestive system is different so it’s possible your child might have an upset stomach the first time he tries a particular food, but other than honey there’s no food that’s strictly off-limits for any reason except choking hazards. (All this is as long as your family is free of food allergies–if there are any, then you should work with your ped/allergist.)

    And I agree with others: when peeled and cut into thin spears or shredded with a cheese grater, raw apples and carrots are just fine.

    Plus, yeah: misleading title. Half the items on the list are totally fine, and the text says as much.

  23. Jennifer Goddard says:

    First of all, it is possible for ANYONE to choke anything depending on the circumstances. It doesn’t matter what method your using, there is always a risk. Take the article for what it is and leave the poor writer alone. He has some valid points. As a Speech Pathologist, I have seen too many children with brain damanage as a result of overconfident parents who did not subscribe to the notion an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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