10 Healthy Soccer Snacks for your MLS Soccer Team Player


Each Friday night in the winter and twice a week in the spring through fall, my daughter participates in MLS soccer. I am so proud of my little girl but boy, the practice sure makes them hungry and thirsty so pack up some energy-fueling snacks….

1. Mini-sandwiches made with some peanut butter or even use whole grain crackers with cheese.

2. Fruit kabobs

3. Mini-bagels with cream cheese bagel

4. Home-made popcorn trail mix

5. No-sugar added applesauce

6. Frozen yogurt tubes

7. Fruit Cups: Mandarin oranges, peaches, apples or pears

8. Carrots and Ranch Dressing

9. Low-fat cheese sticks

10. Muffins

Here are many more On-The-Go snack ideas