15 Ideas for a Kidtastic New Years Celebration!


New Year’s Eve is not my favorite of holidays so I turn it into fun family night. We play games, put on a family play watch movies and cook a family dinner. Check out some of our favorite New Year’s Eve dinner recipes and a few additions after the jump…

  • Edible Party Horns 1 of 15
    Edible Party Horns
    A great craft to keep kids entertained while waiting to bang on pots and pans.
    Learn how to make edible party horns at Cooking With My Kid
  • New Years Resolution Cookies 2 of 15
    New Years Resolution Cookies
    Maybe I can sneak some in like I will make my bed every single day.
    Learn how to make resolution cookies at Cooking With My Kid
  • Sweet 2012 Pretzels 3 of 15
    Sweet 2012 Pretzels
    What a crave worthy idea. The only thing kids love more than pretzels is fun shaped food. Double check.
    Learn how to make sweet 2012 pretzels at Cooking With My Kid
  • Pomegranate Lime Bubble 4 of 15
    Pomegranate Lime Bubble
    I will definitely be serving this to my kids and making one with Champagne for myself.
    Learn how to make pomegranate lime bubbly at Cooking With My Kid
  • Times Square Ball 5 of 15
    Times Square Ball
    This is the coolest food styling and my kids are going to freak out when I tell them we get to make the times square ball!
    Learn how to make a Times Square ball at Family Fun
  • A Light Dessert 6 of 15
    A Light Dessert
    This candle is perfect for my two year old who just wants to touch the fire. Now he can eat the fire!
    Learn how to make a light dessert from Family Fun
  • Black Eyed Pea Parfait 7 of 15
    Black Eyed Pea Parfait
    A beautiful twist on hoppin' John, the Southern dish served on NYE to bring good luck.
    Learn how to make black eyed pea parfait at Family Fun
  • Bubbly Jello Parfait 8 of 15
    Bubbly Jello Parfait
    Kids will feel extra special with a pretty champagne glass filled with the bubbly.
    Learn how to make bubbly jello parfait Family Fun
  • First Meal Flapjack 9 of 15
    First Meal Flapjack
    What a great way to wake up on the new year (just swap out the 08 for a 12). Tip for creative pancakes: Pour the batter into a mustard/ketchup dispenser and cut the tip for a bigger opening.
    Learn how to make first meal flapjacks at Family Fun
  • Clock Cookies 10 of 15
    Clock Cookies
    You could decorate one for each hour before the New Year, then a big one for midnight.
    Learn how to make clock cookies at Family Fun
  • One Bite Pepperoni Pizza Puffs 11 of 15
    One Bite Pepperoni Pizza Puffs
    I can see myself eating 20 bites of these. Sorry kids! Momma likes her pizza bites.
    Learn how to make one bite pepperoni puffs
  • Parmesan Pigs In A Blanket 12 of 15
    Parmesan Pigs In A Blanket
    Add a little Parmesan for a modern and tasty twist on the ol' pigs in a blanket.
    Learn how to make Parmesan pigs in a blanket
  • Sparkling POMosa 13 of 15
    Sparkling POMosa
    How cool is this, a recipe for a mocktail with a cocktail version for the grown-ups!
    Learn how to mix a sparkling POMosa
  • Sweet Potato Bites 3 Ways 14 of 15
    Sweet Potato Bites 3 Ways
    My favorite is the salt and pepper while the kids devour the marshmallow and brown sugar with cinnamon.
    Learn how to make sweet potato bites 3 ways
  • Cranberry Thyme Sparkler 15 of 15
    Cranberry Thyme Sparkler
    Another cocktail/mocktail combo and this one seems a bit sophisticated with the thyme sprig. Yum!
    Learn how to mix a cranberry thyme sparkler

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