10 More Simple Secrets for Healthier Eating in the New Year

Yesterday, we posted 10 simple secrets for healthier eating in 2012, but in case that’s not enough, here are 10 more simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine to be healthier in 2012.


  • Do It Yourself 1 of 10
    Do It Yourself
    When you make your own food from scratch, you can control what ingredients go into it, so you can make sugar-free versions of things that often have added sugar like pasta sauce. Also, homemade items like jams tend to get used more sparingly that the store-bought variety since they're used with the knowledge that once they're gone, they can't be replaced until next year.
    Make homemade pear sauce
  • Go Fish 2 of 10
    Go Fish
    Fish is a low-fat protein that's loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your heart and brain. To avoid potential toxins and eat more sustainably, eat smaller fish like sardines and anchovies.
    Make the world's best sardine sandwich
    Image Credit: TANAKA Juuyoh
  • Have a Cuppa Tea 3 of 10
    Have a Cuppa Tea
    Tea is high in anti-oxidants and can also serve as an appetite suppressant, making a cup of afternoon tea an excellent way to recharge for the second half of your workday.
    Make iced tea 3 ways
  • Fruit is Nature’s Candy 4 of 10
    Fruit is Nature's Candy
    As Marge Simpson says "Fruit is nature's candy," and accordingly, having an apple or a banana can be a much better way to sate a sweet tooth than a soda or cookie. It's also a great way to test if you're eating because you're actually hungry. If you want a candy bar, but not a banana, do you really need to eat anything at all?
    Make persimmon, pear, and clementine salad
  • Have Some Dark Chocolate 5 of 10
    Have Some Dark Chocolate
    That's right, eat the chocolate. According to recent studies, dark chocolate consumption has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. A small chunk of dark chocolate can also satisfy cravings that might otherwise lead you to eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's.
    Learn more about the health benefits of dark chocolate
  • Look for Hidden Sugar 6 of 10
    Look for Hidden Sugar
    Sugar crops up in all kinds of places it doesn't belong and it's often in forms we're not expecting. High fructose corn syrup is the most infamous of the sugars that appear in everything from croissants to soup, but even supposedly healthier alternatives like concentrated grape juice and agave nectar abound. Make sure that things you think are sugar-free, really are.
    Learn more about unhealthy kids "health foods."
  • Watch Out for Healthwashing 7 of 10
    Watch Out for Healthwashing
    Food manufacturers know that people want to eat more healthily and often market their products accordingly. It's fine when that food actually is healthy, but often it's not. Be skeptical when buying "healthy" products and consider buying an unprocessed alternative when possible.
    Learn more about unhealthy kids "health foods"
    Image Credit: Conrad.Irwin
  • Go for a Walk 8 of 10
    Go for a Walk
    There's some dispute over whether or not going for a walk immediately after a meal aids in digestion or not, but there's no dispute over the fact that most of us could use more exercise. Going for a walk with your spouse, partner, friend, or by yourself can be a relaxing way to get a little exercise, with the added benefit of getting you away from a screen for a little while.
    Learn more about the benefits of walking
    Image Credit: Stefan Eggert
  • Plan Portion Sizes When You’re Cooking 9 of 10
    Plan Portion Sizes When You're Cooking
    A lot of times, when we overeat, it's because it's there. No one wants to let this last little bit go to waste so we eat it even though we aren't hungry. Plan for this by not making more than you intend to eat in the first place. If you just make enough for a healthy portion, than that's all you'll eat.
    Make lamb shanks with kale
  • Know When to Buy Organic 10 of 10
    Know When to Buy Organic
    Organic eating can be expensive, so it helps to know when you should do it and when you shouldn't. Conventional versions of certain foods come loaded with toxins while others are fine. Make a point of knowing which organic foods are worth the expense.
    Learn more about the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15


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