10 Spooky Soups for Halloween


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We’ve rounded up 10 of the spookiest soups around for you to dish out this Halloween. No magic potions required. What is certain is that they will be satisfying! Especially if you’re experiencing bone chilling weather ; ) Serve them in a cauldron for an extra spooky effect. Find all of these spooky soups after the jump!

  • Witch’s Hat Soup 1 of 10
    Witch's Hat Soup
    A thick and hearty soup w/a hint of hocus pocus {okay just spice}. The witch's hats are made from shaping and baking tortillas.
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  • Sorcerer’s Soup 2 of 10
    Sorcerer's Soup
    No magic potion necessary to stir up this creamy concoction that features avocados.
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  • Bat Wing Soup 3 of 10
    Bat Wing Soup
    Tomatoes are the base for this creamy spooky soup that's garnished with toasted bread bats.
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  • Morbid Minature French Onion Soups 4 of 10
    Morbid Minature French Onion Soups
    A spooky soup for your guests with a more refined taste palate. Morbider cheese adds creepy vein-like effects.
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  • Worm Soup with Bat Wings 5 of 10
    Worm Soup with Bat Wings
    Noodles make realistic looking worms that are fun to eat on Halloween or any day for that matter.
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  • Cauldron Curry 6 of 10
    Cauldron Curry
    Chicken & Chiles come together to make this spicy green curry.
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  • Spiderweb Soup Topping 7 of 10
    Spiderweb Soup Topping
    This creative spiderweb topping gives everyday tomato soup a monstrous makeover.
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  • Eye Popping Soup 8 of 10
    Eye Popping Soup
    All eyes will be on this bowl of soup. You don't have to worry too much, the eyes are made from mozzarella balls studded with olives.
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  • Bloody Soup Shots 9 of 10
    Bloody Soup Shots
    You'll be able to ward out off the vampires with a shot of this soup that's flavored with garlic.
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  • Bloody Mary Soup 10 of 10
    Bloody Mary Soup
    The perfect trick for a grown up Halloween Treat. Turn a classic Bloody Mary drink into soup form. A
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