10 Ways to Liven Up Classic Potato Salad


If you’re having a cook out this Labor Day, there’s a good chance you’ll be eating a little potato salad too. Earlier today we posted a recipe for classic potato salad, but there’s no reason to stop there. Below the jump we share 10 ways to liven up the old stand-by. From bacon to grapes, potato salad will never be the same again!

  • Olives 1 of 10
    Play up salty, savory flavors with pitted, diced olives.
  • Bacon 2 of 10
    This one's a no-brainer. Cook up some bacon and crumble it into your salad.
  • Apples 3 of 10
    Add some sweet crunch with fresh apple slices.
  • Grapes 4 of 10
    I love to throw grapes in all kinds of savory salads. Fold in halved seedless grapes for a surprising flavor combination.
  • Shallots 5 of 10
    For added bite, try shallots in place of, or in addition to, onions.
  • Yogurt 6 of 10
    For a healthier version, consider switching out the mayo for yogurt.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs 7 of 10
    Hard Boiled Eggs
    This is a potato salad classic--add a little protein to your salad. Image: Timothy Titus
  • Fresh Herbs 8 of 10
    Fresh Herbs
    No need to stick with parsley--feel free to throw in fresh sage, chives, tarragon or thyme.
  • Ranch Dressing 9 of 10
    Ranch Dressing
    Try adding a little bit of ranch dressing for added flavor.
  • Pickles 10 of 10
    Throw in diced pickles, cornichons, or relish for a well-balanced potato salad.