10 Ways to Use ‘Not Ketchup': The Newest Condiment to Hit the Food World


I make a point to read the Los Angeles Times fairly regularly, especially the “food” section, and about a week ago a headline caught my attention. It read: “Cherry Chipotle? There’s a new dipping sauce in town and it’s ‘Not Ketchup’.”  My pupils widened with such delight as I read about this new food trend. Turns out, Not Ketchup is a new condiment line created by home chef and blogger Erika Kerekes, of In Erika’s Kitchen. And Cherry Chipotle is not the only new flavor; she also bottled White Pepper Blueberry, and Smoky Date. I was sold, and needed to get my hands on a few bottles as soon as possible. The first ingredient on the bottle is fruit, and Erika is proud to say her ‘Dip Differently’ sauces are made with natural sweeteners.

Once I got my bottles home I experimented with the Cherry Chipotle first and made some chicken wings, which I posted here on Babble. I was still stumped as to what I should do with the White Pepper Blueberry, and Smoky Date, so I took to the Internet, and sure enough I found a few recipes using the new condiment. I was so excited about all the new recipes I could now try with my sauces…I decided to share them with you, too!


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