12 Healthy St. Patty's Day Snacks: Eat Green the Fun Way!


Don’t stuff your kids with sugary, fat-laden treats just because it’s a holiday.  You can celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with festive, healthy treats.  It’s a food-for-all with shamrock-shaped food, edible rainbows, leprechauns, and green-hued bites.  You’ll love serving your kids good-for-you food this holiday, so check out these 12 healthy St. Patty’s Day snacks.

  • 12 Healthy St. Patty’s Day Snacks 1 of 13

    Celebrate St. Patty's Day the healthy way with these 12 snacks!

  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers 2 of 13

    Even picky kids can't resist rainbow fruit on a stick!

    Get the recipe for Rainbow Fruit Skewers

  • Grumpy Gator Green Smoothie 3 of 13

    Go green on St. Patrick's Day with this tropical flavored smoothie—it's packed with fruits and veggies!

    Get the recipe for Grumpy Gator Green Smoothie

  • Avocado Deviled Eggs 4 of 13

    Avocado and plain yogurt stand in for mayonnaise in this healthy St. Patty's Day snack!

    Get the recipe from THIS MAMA COOKS

  • Fruit Rainbow 5 of 13

    Arrange a rainbow of bright, vivid fruit to tempt little ones!

    Get the recipe from SAN DIEGO COOKS

  • Shamrock Chips With Pot ‘O Gold Dip 6 of 13

    Shape spinach tortillas into shamrocks for a healthy alternative to fat-laden chips! 

    Get the recipe from HOW DOES SHE

  • Sneaky Healthy Mint Chip Milkshake 7 of 13

    This decadent shake tastes amazing and is filled with good-for-you ingredients!  

    Get the recipe from YUMMY MUMMY KITCHEN

  • Rainbow Peppers And Guacamole 8 of 13

    Create a rainbow and clouds with healthy veggies—this may get your picky eater to try something new!

    Get the idea from GREAT HOLIDAYS

  • Leprechaun Fruit Snack 9 of 13

    This happy snack is sure to win your kids over!

    Get the recipe from KITCHEN FUN WITH MY 3 SONS

  • Shamrock Sandwich 10 of 13

    Cheese and tomato are sandwiched between spinach tortillas for a cute St. Patty's Day shamrock sandwich!

    Get the recipe from ZIGGITY ZOOM

  • Chicken Nugget Rainbow Wrap 11 of 13

    If your kids don't like corned beef and cabbage, these festive wraps make a healthy, balanced St. Patty's Day dinner!

    Get the recipe from TEXAS TYPE A MOM

  • Shamrock Personal Pizzas 12 of 13

    Pick your own toppings with these cute shamrock personal pizzas!

    Get the recipe from ONCE UPON A CUTTING BOARD

  • St. Patrick’s Day Healthy Skewers 13 of 13

    Have your kids help you make these St. Patty's Day skewers with succulent green fruit!

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