12 Mouthwatering Ideas for How to Cook a Turkey


I received an email earlier today from Better Homes & Gardens about How to Cook a Turkey. I wondered if, in fact, there can be that many ways to cook a turkey based on the title that stated ’12 Mouthwatering Ways to Cook a Turkey’.

Could it be that there are 12 different approaches and from that an endless supply of Turkey Recipes?

I had no idea that there were so many ways to cook an amazing Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Which are your favorites?

1. Glazed
2. Infused
3. Deconstructed
4. Brined
5. Crusted
6. Grilled
7. Roasted
8. Marinated
9. Smoked
10 Butter under Skin
11. Rubbed
12. Deep-Fried

Read each one in detail at Better Homes & Garden

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