13 Adorable Hedgehog Sweets and Treats


Hedgehogs are all the rage right now! Are you ready to hop on the happy trend and make agic in your kitchen?! Here are 13 adorable hedgehog-themed treats everyone will love to eat! From cupcakes to cookies, cakes to rolls, you’re gonna love these funtastic hedgehog-themed sweets!

  • Hedgehog Happiness! 1 of 14

    Fill your home with happiness when you make any one of these 13 fun & fancy hedgehog-themed treats!

  • Hedgehog Watermelon 2 of 14

    This adorable watermelon hedgehog will get plenty of oohs and aahs at your next neighborhood picnic!
    Get the recipe for Hedgehog Watermelon

  • Honey Hedgehog Bread 3 of 14

    This honey hedgehog bread is not only delicious as sliced bread for sandwiches, but also doubles as a festive centerpiece for your table!
    Get the recipe from Cookistry

  • Hedgehog S’mores 4 of 14

    S’mores become even more irresistible when shaped like cute little hedgehogs!
    Get the recipe from 375 degrees

  • Cheese and Fruit Hedgehog 5 of 14

    Healthy can be fun with this cheese and fruit hedgehog!
    Get the recipe from Coffee & Vanilla

  • Australian Hedgehog Slice 6 of 14
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    This Australian hedgehog slice is packed with nuts and biscuits and surrounded by fudgy chocolate goodness!
    Get the recipe from Ribbon and Circus

  • Spiky Hedgehog Treats 7 of 14

    Spiky hedgehog treats made with gumballs, candy corn, and royal icing are perfect for a fall-themed kids party!
    Get the recipe from A Spicy Perspective

  • Bavarian Sugar Cookies 8 of 14
    #7 copy

    These Bavarian sugar cookies shaped like hedgehogs are cute and addicting!
    Get the recipe from 375 degrees

  • Hedgehog Cookies 9 of 14

    Get the kids involved in decorating these hedgehog cookies with chocolate sprinkles!
    Get the recipe from Taste of Home

  • Hedgehog Rolls 10 of 14

    Who can resist hedgehog-shaped dinner rolls?
    Get the recipe from Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

  • Hedgehog Rice Krispies 11 of 14

    Shape your Rice Krispie treats like hedgehogs to make an ordinary treat extraordinary!
    Get the recipe from dawdling darlings

  • Hedgehog Cupcakes 12 of 14

    These hedgehog cupcakes would make just perfect birthday party treats!
    Get the recipe from Wee Love Baking

  • Hedgehog Sandwiches 13 of 14

    Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for a basic hedgehog sandwich shape and add pretzels for spikes- so cute and creative!
    Get the recipe from Gourmet Mom On-The-Go

  • Hedgehog Cakes 14 of 14

    This hedgehog cake uses Toblerone triangles as spikes- perfect for a birthday celebration!
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