14 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Quinoa

Why hello there, superfood quinoa. You taste so good as a rice substitute or any other grain substitute as a side dish. I’ve made you plenty of times and stuck you into the endless recipes for salads. I learned the best way to cook you, yet I yearn for more. Give me something more, quinoa. I’m tired of the hum drum, same old same old. Show me what you’ve got, make me drool.

Quinoa came through for me, got me excited again, made me feel good and tingly all over. Thank you, quinoa, I love you again.

  • 14 Enexpected Ways to Eat Quinoa 1 of 15
    14 unexpected quinoa recipes
  • Chocolate Quinoa Cake 2 of 15

    Yes, this is part of the quinoa recipes. I told you it was unexpected, and chocolate cake made with quinoa (not quinoa flour, actual, cooked quinoa) is about as unexpected as you can get. It's unbelievably good, too— like, crazy good enough to serve for my son's birthday party in a few weeks!

    Make Chocolate Quinoa Cake.

  • Spiced Banana Quinoa Waffles 3 of 15

    These waffles are made with quinoa flour and corn meal in addition to all-purpose flour with spices and bananas for a unique flavor. Added bonus: make a big batch on the weekend and freeze individually for quick weekday breakfasts.

    Make Spiced Banana Quinoa Waffles.

  • Quinoa Pear Muffins with Brown Sugar 4 of 15

    These pear muffins are made with half all-purpose flour and half quinoa flour. I think I would take it a step further and reduce each flour to 3/4 cup of each and add a 1/2 a cup or even 3/4 cup of cooked quinoa.

    Make Quinoa Pear Muffins with Brown Sugar.

  • Gluten Free Quinoa Huevos Rancheros 5 of 15

    This is a great way to mix up your huevos rancheros by adding a unique texture and subtle flavors while bringing loads of good for you stuff like protein and vitamins.

    Make Gluten Free Quinoa Huevos Rancheros.

  • Chicken Soup with Quinoa 6 of 15

    This is not your run of the mill blah chicken soup. It's got quinoa and tomatoes and carrots and just in time for back-to-school illnesses. I'm expecting my kids to come home with their first colds any day now.

    Make Chicken Soup with Quinoa.

  • Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes 7 of 15

    Fall is just about here, which means it's time to bust out the pumpkin and spices. I think quinoa and pumpkin are a perfect flavor combination, and when made into pancakes, look out!

    Make Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes.

  • Quinoa for Breakfast 8 of 15

    We are oatmeal lovers around here, but I think it's getting boring. Here's a great idea for mixing up your morning porridge with a big bowl of quinoa with fresh fruit.

    Make Quinoa for Breakfast.

  • Gluten-Free Quinoa Brownies 9 of 15

    Brownies are my weakness, I literally cannot resist them. This recipe uses quinoa flour so I can feel a little less guilty about 'one more slice.'

    Make Gluten-Free Quinoa Brownies.

  • Black Bean Quinoa Burger 10 of 15

    Make a vegetarian burger for this weekend's Labor Day feast with these irresistible black bean burgers.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Black Bean Quinoa Burger.

  • Easy Summer Quinoa 11 of 15

    Ok, this may not be totally unexpected, but I had to include it; first of all, it uses all of the goodness you can find in season at your local farmers market, and doesn't it look ah-may-zing?!

    Go to Iowa Girl Eats to make Easy Summer Quinoa.

    Image Credit: Kristin from Iowa Girls Eats.

  • Cous Cous Cakes 12 of 15

    You are probably wondering what cous cous is doing in the quinoa recipes. Well, surprise, surprise, this is made with harvest grains from Trader Joe's which just so happens to contain quinoa. These little cups of goodness are fun for the kids and packed with all kinds of healthy stuff like spinach and dried chick peas.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Cous Cous Cakes.

  • Quinoa Crunch Parfait 13 of 15

    It's like peanut brittle, only healthier and goes perfectly with yogurt and fresh fruit. Yummy crunchy!

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Quinoa Crunch Parfait.

  • Stuffed Acorn Squash 14 of 15

    Time to welcome fall with this delightfully healthy recipe. I must admit, growing up every fall we ate acorn squash smothered in melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Might as well eat cake. This is a great dinner and tasty alternative to carb laden breadcrumb stuffing.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Stuffed Acorn Squash.

  • Quick Quinoa & Corn Saute 15 of 15

    Looking for a very quick, kid friendly and healthy side to your main dish? This quick quinoa recipe is lovely and goes with just about anything from fish to pork.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Quick Quinoa & Corn Saute.

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