15 New Ways to Eat Ramen for Dinner


A few years back, we published fan-fave article 10 Ways to Eat Ramen for Dinner. Turns out, in these economically-pinched, time-crunched times, ramen is the answer for everyones woes. Fast, cheap, and wildly versatile. You can toss it with tofu and serve up hearty vegetarian fare. Or add a bit of shredded chicken and a few favorite Asian flavors, and you’ve got a bowl of homemade pho for under $1 a serving. With dozens of fun, new variations on ramen recipes, we thought it was time to pull together a celebration of 15 delicious Ramen recipes that you likely haven’t tried. All new ramen recipes that you can make cheap and quick. Enjoy!

  • Ramen for Dinner!! 1 of 16

    Forget those time-consuming, expensive dinners! Tonight, we're making dinner with ramen and it's gonna be divine. With fifteen delicious recipes, you're gonna love these scrumptious dishes!

  • Pimped Out Ramen 2 of 16

    Your ramen will never be the same once you try this recipe- you will have a slurp worthy bowl in under 15 minutes!

    Get the recipe from Cheeky Kitchen

  • Chicken Noodle Omelet 3 of 16

    Go ahead, have an omelet for dinner- this recipe mimics chicken noodle soup, but without all the hassle!

    Get the recipe for Chicken Noodle Omelet

  • White Cabbage Garlic And Chili Noodles 4 of 16

    Just a few extra ingredients added to a packet of ramen brings it to a whole new culinary level!

    Get the recipe from Roasted Ginger

  • Massaged Kale And Veggie Salad With Toasted Ramen 5 of 16

    Toasted ramen noodles turn a salad into a light summer meal!

    Get the recipe from Coffee & Quinoa

  • Peanut Butter Ramen Noodles 6 of 16

    Peanut Butter and coconut milk turn ramen noodles into a Thai sensation!

    Get the recipe from Picture-Perfect Meals

  • Ramen Noodle Stir Fry 7 of 16

    This stir fry comes together with just a few simple ingredients- just add ramen noodles for your grain!

    Get the recipe from AmyBites

  • Homemade Sausage Ramen Soup 8 of 16

    This soup makes the perfect comfort food!

    Get the recipe from The Realistic Nutritionist

  • Swiss Chicken with Noodles 9 of 16

    This delightfully sticky chicken is may be the cheapest chicken dinner you make all year! (And the most delish!)

    Get the recipe from Lokness

  • Spicy Mushroom Miso Ramen 10 of 16

    This spicy mushroom miso ramen is vegetarian and easy to make!

    Get the recipe from La Fuji Mama

  • Hoisin Chicken With Noodles And Green Beans 11 of 16

    The preparation and presentation of this meal are simple, yet it packs a flavorful punch!

    Get the recipe from Kitchen Simplicity

  • Ramen Shrimp Pouch 12 of 16

    This lovely dish is cooked in a tin foil pouch!

    Get the recipe from Fresh From Evas Kitchen

  • Miso Ramen 13 of 16

    This noodle bowl has a subtle spicy kick to it!

    Get the recipe from Rasa Malaysia

  • Spicy Thai Green Curry Ramen 14 of 16

    You'll love this authentic tasting but easy Thai curry!

    Get the recipe from Joylicious

  • Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich 15 of 16

    The peculiar combination of grilled cheese, kimchi, and ramen is surprisingly tasty!

    Get the recipe for Tastespotting the blog

  • Pork Ramen 16 of 16

    Baby bok choy and pork make any bowl of noodles better!

    Get the recipe from Noodle Fever