What's at the End of the Rainbow? These 15 Irresistible Rainbow Desserts!


Spring is upon us, and it’s time to infuse the world with color.  Even desserts need a splash of brightness.  Give your St. Patrick’s Day treats some colorful cheer with these 15 irresistible rainbow desserts.

  • 15 Irresistible Rainbow Desserts 1 of 16

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a bright, beautiful rainbow-themed dessert!

  • Rainbow Cake In A Jar 2 of 16

    Make this "sunshine in a jar" cake to brighten up anyone's day!

    Get the recipe for Rainbow Cake In A Jar

  • Rainbow Fruit Pops 3 of 16

    No need to feel guilty about serving this rainbow dessert to your kids- they're chock full of healthy fruit!

    Get the recipe for Rainbow Fruit Pops

  • Double Rainbow YOPLAIT TRIX Parfaits 4 of 16

    This happy rainbow treat can be easily assembled for a quick, fun dessert!

    Get the recipe for Double Rainbow YOPLAIT TRIX Parfaits

  • Rainbow Jello 5 of 16

    This stacked rainbow dessert will delight even your youngest eaters!

    Get the recipe from HOOSIER HOMEMADE

  • St. Patrick’s Day Cake 6 of 16

    This spectacular cake would make a St. Patrick's Day celebration extra special!

    Get the recipe from I AM BAKER

  • Rainbow Cubes 7 of 16

    This lovely dessert is based on a Dutch-Indonesia cake called spekkoek!

    Get the recipe from HUNGRY RABBIT

  • Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes 8 of 16

    These moist, lovely cupcakes get the ultimate multi-hued buttercream topping!

    Get the recipe from SPRINKLEBAKES

  • Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats 9 of 16

    Give your Rice Krispies treats a St. Paddy's Day facelift with fun rainbow colored layers! 

    Get the recipe from RASPBERRI CUPCAKES

  • Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake 10 of 16

    Any child would feel lucky to have such a fun birthday cake!

    Get the recipe from SWEETAPOLITA

  • Rainbow Pudding 11 of 16

    Turn vanilla pudding into a rainbow treat- this makes snack time so much fun!

    Get the recipe from MAKEZINE

  • Rainbow Cookies 12 of 16

    These cookies have every color in the rainbow covered!

    Get the recipe from SWEET SUGARBELLE

  • Rainbow Cake Pops 13 of 16

    Celebrate St. Paddy's Day with these portable, colorful treats that will put a smile on everyone's face!

    Get the recipe from MUNCHKIN MUNCHIES

  • Pot Of Gold Bundt Cake 14 of 16

    You'll find a hidden rainbow inside this tasty bundt cake!

    Get the recipe from BETSYLIFE

  • Rainbow Lemon Mini Cheesecakes 15 of 16

    Who can resist a mini cheesecake full of sunny colors and citrus flavors?

    Get the recipe from SUNSHINE'S KITCHEN

  • Rainbow Slice And Bake Cookies 16 of 16

    These colorful cookies are perfect as a special St. Paddy's Day snack with milk!

    Get the recipe from GOOD LIFE EATS

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