15 Recipes to Make with a Bottle of Vinegar

Vinegar is not one of those things I think of as a main ingredient, yet it is in so many delicious things I eat. Partially that is because I really love tangy, sour foods. But, also, because vinegar is the perfect anecdote to oily, sweet things. It is so frequently added to dressings and drizzled on salads because it cuts through the fatty richness of many foods and balances out flavors. Vinegar also has the wonderful quality of being a preservative. Quick pickles, slow pickles, and just about any kind of vegetable or fruit can be preserved in vinegar. Not only does it keep food from rotting, it also provides wonderful taste! Check out some of these amazing recipes you can make with vinegar today!

  • 15 Recipes to Make with a Bottle of Vinegar 1 of 16
    15 Recipes to Make with a Bottle of Vinegar

    Check out all these things you can make with a basic bottle of vinegar!

  • Refrigerator Pickles 2 of 16
    Refrigerator Pickles

    There is nothing quite like a delicious jar of refrigerator pickles. All it takes is some patience, cucumbers, and vinegar!

    Photo: Shaina Olmanson

  • Balsamic Grilled Shrimp 3 of 16
    balsamic grilled shrimp

    Balsamic vinegar adds a subtle tangy sweetness to foods and tastes amazing. Try using it to make balsamic grilled shrimp, a healthy summer dish!

    Photo: Jennifer Leal

  • Pickled Peaches 4 of 16
    Pickled Peaches

    These gorgeous peaches are actually pickled in two types of vinegar. Not only does it preserve the fruit, it infuses it with terrific flavor and they taste amazing in both sweet and savory dishes.

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Balsamic Roasted Beets 5 of 16
    Balsamic Roasted Beets

    Balsamic vinegar caramelizes slightly in the oven. Try making these delicious roast beets, the vinegar will give them a whole new flavor and crispy crust!

    Photo: Jaime Richardson

  • Beet & Orange Salad 6 of 16
    beet and orange salad

    This lovely salad is sprinkled with a delicious champagne vinegar dressing. It provides just the right amount of acidic contrast to the sweet beets and oranges!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Quick Pickled Onions 7 of 16
    really quick pickled onions

    Pickled onions are a delicious addition to any salad. You can make them so quickly with just a splash of vinegar!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Shrimp & Avocado Ceviche 8 of 16
    citrus rock shrimp avocado ceviche

    The acid in vinegar can actually "cook" raw foods. These foods are then usually mixed together and called ceviche. Try this delicious shrimp and avocado ceviche tonight!

    Photo: Shaina Olmanson

  • Fresh Basil Vinaigrette 9 of 16
    Fresh Basil Vinaigrette

    A classic vinaigrette is flavored with oil, vinegar, and herbs. This fresh basil vinaigrette is perfect for summer and would taste great on salad!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Pickled Tomatoes 10 of 16
    Pickled Tomatoes

    If your garden is bursting with tomatoes simply pickle them in vinegar with the flavorings of your choice!

    Photo: Macki Cayloma

  • Balsamic Viniagrette 11 of 16
    balsamic vinaigrette

    Balsamic vinegar gives dressing a dark, sweet flavor. Try making this balsamic vinaigrette and drizzling it over strawberry salad.

    Photo: Jaime Richardson

  • Pickled Grapes 12 of 16
    Pickled Grapes

    Sweet grapes preserved in vinegar are an unexpected healthy, tasty snack!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Delicious Coleslaw 13 of 16
    Delicious Coleslaw

     A delicious coleslaw is so easy to make when you have some basic cider vinegar on hand. Enjoy this slaw as a topping for burgers, hot dogs, or just a side dish!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Pickled Carrots 14 of 16
    Pickled Carrots

    If your kids love carrots for snack they might love this quick pickled version. Simply preserve them in vinegar and open them up when they get hungry!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Grilled Asparagus with Balsamic Reduction 15 of 16
    Grilled Aparagus with Balsamic Reduction

    Balsamic vinegar is delicious when boiled down with sugar into a sweet tangy syrup. Drizzle it over things like grilled asparagus for an unexpected pop of flavor.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • A Household Cleaner 16 of 16
    a household cleaner

    Make vinegar your go-to household cleaner. The recipe is usually one part water to two parts vinegar - as simple as that!

    Photo: iStock

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