17 Delicious & Adorable Easter Cupcake Recipes

With all the bunnies and pastel dresses and chicks and bonnets and painted eggs, Easter is the time for all things adorable. So if you’re planning an Easter party or just want to make a fun Easter treat for your family, a cute spring-themed cupcake is the way to go. Don’t have a go-to cute cupcake recipe? Here are seventeen precious recipes you can make at home.

  • 17 Cute & Cleaver Easter Cupcakes Recipes 1 of 18
    17 Cute & Cleaver Easter Cupcakes Recipes
    Get set for an adorable and delicious Easter celebration with one of these cupcake recipes!
  • Pretty Pink Rose Cupcakes 2 of 18
    Pretty Pink Rose Cupcakes
    If you're not used to working with an icing bag, the rose decoration on these lovely cupcakes is an easy one to make and will have everyone thinking you're actually a cake decorating master.
    Make rose cupcakes
    Image: Shaina Olmanson
  • Blooming Daisy Cupcakes 3 of 18
    Blooming Daisy Cupcakes
    These adorable daisy cupcakes are easier to make than they look and, since they don't require an icing bag, they're perfect for the occasional cake decorator who doesn't have a ton of equipment.
    Make blooming daisy cupcakes
    Image: Shaina Olmanson
  • Easter Egg Hunt Mini Cupcakes 4 of 18
    Easter Egg Hunt Mini Cupcakes
    Every kid loves Easter eggs, which is why they'll love these little cupcakes with candy Easter egg topping.
    Make easter egg hunt cupcakes
    Image: Brooklyn Supper
  • Easter Bunny Cupcakes 5 of 18
    Easter Bunny Cupcakes
    These cupcakes are not only a fun and tasty treat, they're also a craft project you can have your kids work on while you tend to making your Easter ham.
    Make Easter bunny cupcakes
    Image: Brooklyn Supper
  • Rainbow Cupcakes 6 of 18
    Rainbow Cupcakes
    Spring is the season for rain, which means it's also the season for rainbows. One of the best things about these rainbow cupcakes is that they're a fun dessert your kids can help make.
    Make rainbow cupcakes
    Image: Brooke McLay
  • Raspberry Lime Cloud Cupcakes 7 of 18
    Raspberry Lime Cloud Cupcakes
    These lovely light pink cupcakes have a tangy raspberry lime filling!
    Make raspberry lime cloud cupcakes
    Image: Jaime Mormann
  • Lemonade Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting 8 of 18
    Lemonade Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting
    Now that the weather's getting warmer, it's time to start thinking about raspberry lemonade. These lemonade cupcakes with raspberry frosting are the perfect way to get started.
    Make lemonade cupcakes with raspberry frosting
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Copycat Crumbs Margarita Cupcake 9 of 18
    Copycat Crumbs Margarita Cupcake
    These cocktail-inspired cupcakes are a lovely shade of pastel green.
    Make margarita cupcakes
    Image: Kelsey Banfield
  • Blackberry Mini Cupcakes 10 of 18
    Blackberry Mini Cupcakes
    While blackberry season may not be underway where you live, it starts in March in some of the warmer parts of the country, meaning you should be able to find some in the grocery store already. These mini cupcakes are a great way to celebrate the start of the season.
    Make blackberry mini cupcakes
    Image: Brooklyn Supper
  • Coconut Cream Cupcakes 11 of 18
    Coconut Cream Cupcakes
    These pillowy white cupcakes make for a tasty dessert. If white isn't your thing, add a drop or two of food coloring for pastel coconut cupcakes.
    Make coconut cream cupcakes
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Mint Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes 12 of 18
    Mint Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes
    Few flavors taste as much like spring as mint does and few flavors go with mint as well as chocolate does, so these mint chocolate vegan cupcakes are a perfect addition to your Easter menu.
    Make mint chocolate cupcakes
    Image: Kathy Patalsky
  • Peeps in a Bubble Bath Cupcakes 13 of 18
    Peeps in a Bubble Bath Cupcakes
    These cute cupcakes are a blast to make with kids!
    Make peep cupcakes
    Image: Kelsey Banfield
  • Raspberry Cupcakes in a Jar 14 of 18
    Raspberry Cupcakes in a Jar
    These raspberry cupcakes in a jar not only taste fantastic, they also make for a lovely presentation and are easy to transport.
    Make raspberry cupcakes in a jar
    Image: Brooklyn Supper
  • Spring Flower Cupcakes 15 of 18
    Spring Flower Cupcakes
    While April showers may not have brought May flowers just yet, there's no reason you can't get floral in the kitchen. These spring flower cupcakes are a cute treat your family will love.
    Make spring flower cupcakes
    Image: Kathy Patalsky
  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting 16 of 18
    Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting
    Chocolate and strawberry in cupcake form. I don't think I need to say anything else.
    Make chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Oreo Flower Cupcakes 17 of 18
    Oreo Flower Cupcakes
    Everybody loves Oreos, that's just a simple fact. So it's no surprise that these Oreo flower cupcakes are a huge hit.
    Make Oreo flower cupcakes
    Image: Kelsey Banfield
  • Easter Lamb Cupcakes 18 of 18
    Easter Lamb Cupcakes
    The lamb really ties together the religious and secular aspects of Easter together nicely, so these lamb cupcakes are a great dessert for all kinds of Easter celebrations.
    Make Easter lamb cupcakes
    Image: Shaina Olmanson

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