21 Cookies And Cream Treats: Muffins, Cupcakes, Donuts, And More!


The beginnings of Cookies & Cream ice cream are shady at best. With everyone from a small gelato store in Oregon claiming the first batch in 1978 to Blue Bell and Dreyers companies both insisting they inspired the trends in 1980 and/or 1982. Regardless it’s origins, one thing everyone seems to agree on is cookies & cream is a classic. In 1983 it became one of the world’s five best selling ice creams and has been beloved ever since, inspiring hundreds of recipe riffs, dessert twists, and favorite treats. Here we pull together 21 of our favorite. Recipes from cakes to cookies, donuts to dessert bars…all in the flavor of Cookies & Cream. Click through, enjoy, indulge!

  • Everything Cookies & Cream 1 of 22

    Everyone's favorite flavor, baked into dips, donuts, cakes, cookies, and more! Here are 21 delicious recipes you'll adore!

  • Cookies And Cream Cheesecake 2 of 22

    Oreos and cheesecake come combine in mini-form to create a match made in culinary heaven!

    Get the recipe for Cookies And Cream Cheesecake

  • Cookies And Cream Banana Bread 3 of 22

    Just four ingredients is all you need to make a giant loaf of incredible banana bread in minutes!

    Get the recipe for Cookies And Cream Banana Bread

  • Simple Cookies And Cream Ice Cream 4 of 22

    No need for an ice cream maker for this recipe-  four simple ingredients and some freezer time are all you need for a delicious frozen treat! 

    Get the recipe for Simple Cookies And Cream Ice Cream

  • Cookies N Cream Cake 5 of 22

    Cookies and cream frosting is nestled between two dark, decadent cake layers and coated in a glorious ganache for a perfectly fabulous dessert!

    Get the recipe for Cookies N Cream Cake from the beautiful blog, Bran Appetit

  • 2-Ingredient DOLE Banana Cookies And Cream Ice Cream 6 of 22

    Two ingredients is all you need for this easy, creamy ice cream that's a low-guilt treat!

    Get the recipe from CHEEKYKITCHEN

  • Cookies And Cream Fudge 7 of 22

    Want a fantastic homemade dessert in no time at all?  This five minute cookies and cream fudge is the answer to your dessert dilemma!

    Get the recipe from KIRBIE'S CRAVINGS

  • 4 Ingredient Cookies And Cream Doughnuts 8 of 22

    Watch out cronut- there's a new donut in town, and it may take top spot!

    Get the recipe from NOT YOUR MOMMA'S COOKIE

  • Cookies And Cream Peanut Butter Blondies 9 of 22

    Grab a glass of milk and dig in to these over-the-top, delicious blondies!

    Get the recipe from SWEET TOOTH

  • Oreo Cupcakes With Cookies And Cream Frosting 10 of 22

    Cookies and cream frosting is piled high on a rich chocolate cupcake- there's even a surprise Oreo in the center! 

    Get the recipe from CENTER CUT COOK

  • Oreo Pudding Pops 11 of 22

    Remember Jell-O pudding pops?  If you loved them back then, you'll still love 'em now with this spot-on recipe! 

    Get the recipe from NO. 2 PENCIL

  • No Bake Oreo Cheesecake 12 of 22

    You'll never guess that this cheesecake is lightened up with Greek yogurt- it's still just as delicious as the full-fat version!

    Get the recipe from KIRBIE'S CRAVINGS

  • Skinny Cookies And Cream Milkshake 13 of 22

    A skinny milkshake?  Banana, skim milk, and COOL WHIP create just the right creamy texture you need to call this a milkshake without the mega-calorie count!

    Get the recipe from CHOCOLATE THERAPY

  • Oreo Cookies And Cream Muffins 14 of 22

    Make fluffy, indulgent muffins with the broken Oreos at the bottom of the bag!

    Get the recipe from ALIDA'S KITCHEN

  • Coconut Fudge Cream-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars 15 of 22

    Celebrate a special occasion in total decadence with these amazing pimped-out cookie bars!

    Get the recipe from JUANITA'S CUCINA

  • Cookies And Cream Popcorn 16 of 22

    Make a party pleasing treat out of simple popcorn and Oreos- it will disappear in minutes!

    Get the recipe from TIKKIDO

  • Cookies And Cream Mug Cake 17 of 22

    Don't want to scarf down a whole cake?  Make this simple-single serving mug cake that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

    Get the recipe from KIRBIE'S CRAVINGS

  • Babka Cookies And Cream 18 of 22

    You'll definitely need some coffee to go with this devilishly good cake! 

    Get the recipe from CUKROWA  WROZKA

  • Cookies And Cream Rice Krispie Treats 19 of 22

    Give your ho-hum Rice Krispie treats some pizazz with crushed Oreos and melted white chocolate!  

    Get the recipe from COOKIE MONSTER COOKING

  • Cookies And Cream Dip 20 of 22

    Veggies and ranch or cookies and cream dip with chocolate wafers- you decide!

    Get the recipe from COOKIE MONSTER COOKING

  • Cookies And Cream Hot Chocolate 21 of 22

    Cookies and cream ice cream makes a welcome appearance in this perfectly delicious hot chocolate!


  • Cookies And Cream Trifle 22 of 22

    Oreo cookies, whipped cream, and chocolate pudding make a dreamy dessert that's worth a second helping!

    Get the recipe from SMELL GOOD KITCHEN

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