24 Beautiful Fig Desserts for Fall

I’ve named 2013 as The Year of the Fig in our family.Last year I fell for cucumbers and this year I can’t seem to get enough figs. Fresh fig season starts in June with a few here and there, and then the height of fig season is from August to early October. Now’s the time to stock up on fresh figs before they disappear! I’ve found 24 Beautiful Fig Desserts to whet your appetite for these luscious fall fruits.

  • 24 Beautiful Fig Desserts for Fall 1 of 25
    24 Beautiful Fig Desserts for Fall

    Get ready to be blown away by these beautiful fig desserts!

  • Fig and Balsamic Ice Cream 2 of 25
    Fig Balsamic Ice Cream

    Summer might be over, but that's no excuse to stop making ice cream.  (At least in my humble opinion.) This ice cream has a cream cheese ice cream base layered with ripples of fig-balsamic sauce. Definitely my kind of ice cream.

    Photo and recipe source: A Thought For Food

  • Cardamon-Spiced Fig and Plum Galette 3 of 25
    Fig Plum Galette

    Figs and plums are the perfect companions for this stunning galette. The filling is delicately spiced with cardamom and fresh ginger. And just look at that flaky crust!

    Photo and recipe source: Food To Glow

  • Ginger Fig Streusel Tarts 4 of 25
    fig ginger streusel

    These gorgeous little tarts are filled with Ginger Fig Streusel and topped with Lavender Honey Ice Cream.

    Photo and recipe source: Tartelette

  • Caramelized Fig Ice Cream 5 of 25
    Caramelized Fig Ice Cream

    Another stunning fig ice cream - Caramelized Fig Ice Cream with Mascarpone and Honey Pecans. I think this just might be the perfect ice cream.

    Photo and recipe source: Happyolks

  • Coconut Panna Cotta with Vanilla Fig Syrup 6 of 25
    coconut panna cotta copy

    I'm in love with this ultra-creamy, dairy-free Coconut Panna Cotta with Vanilla Fig Syrup.

    Photo and recipe source: Inspiring The Everyday

  • Brown Butter Hazelnut Bars 7 of 25
    brown butter hazelnut bars

    Brown butter. Hazelnuts. Figs.  A sweet Calimyrna fig filling is sandwiched between a buttery, nutty crust and crumbly topping. Need I say more?

    Photo and recipe source: Bright-Eyed Baker

  • White Chocolate Pots de Creme with Honey-Roasted Figs and Cherries 8 of 25

    If you're a fan of white chocolate and figs, these pots de creme will really hit the spot. The creamy custards are topped with honey-roasted figs and cherries and warm spices.

    Photo and recipe source: Delicieux

  • Fig Salted Caramel Meringue Smash 9 of 25
    Fig and Salted Caramel Meringue Smash

    I audibly gasped when I saw the recipe for this Fig and Salted Caramel Meringue Smash. All of my favorites in one. Can't you just taste that salted caramel?

    Photo and recipe source: Spicy Ice Cream

  • Fig Coconut Blackberry Ice Cream 10 of 25
    Fig Coconut and Blackberry Ice Cream

    Fig, Coconut and Blackberry Ice Cream. It's fruity. It's vegan. It's creamy and delicious.
    Photo and recipe source: Green Kitchen Stories

  • Fig Bars 11 of 25

    Can you even handle that filling?! It's made from fresh figs and fig butter. The buttery crust has a secret healthy ingredient. Mmm...delicious. Just delicious.

    Photo and recipe source: Lemons & Anchovies

  • Fig and Raspberry Upside Down Cake 12 of 25
    fig raspberry upside down cake

    Sticky caramelized figs and raspberries nestled in a buttery cake. Move over pineapple! There's a new upside down cake in town.

    Photo and recipe source: Taste Food Blog

  • Honeyed Ricotta, Fig and Lavender Galette 13 of 25
    Honeyed Ricotta, Fig and Lavender Galette

    I love the flavors going on in this tart to compliment the figs - ricotta, honey and lavender. The sliced figs are especially pretty.
    Recipe and photo source: Spicy Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Fig Tarts 14 of 25
    Chocolate Fig Tarts

    If you have never tried chocolate and figs together, now's the time to give it a try. It is a heavenly combination. These Chocolate Fig Tarts are decadent. Chocolate coconut ganache, anyone? They are also gluten-free and can be made vegan. Wow.

    Photo and recipe source: Gourmande in the Kitchen

  • Fresh Fig Almond Breakfast Cake 15 of 25
    fig almond breakfast cake

    We eat dessert for breakfast, so why not breakfast for dessert? Do it often, I say. Joy The Baker is looking out for us with this scrumptious cake.

    Photo and recipe source: Joy The Baker

  • Fig Jam Bars 16 of 25

    I don't think there's ever such a thing as too many kinds of fig bars. (I get that from my mom.) These Fig Jam Bars have an irresistible crust made from nuts, coconut and oats. Be still my heart.

    Photo and recipe source: Diethood

  • Fig Plum Compote Pavlova 17 of 25
    Fig Plum Compote Pavlova

    I haven't met a pavlova I didn't like and I'm positive I love this one. Fig and plum compote are the perfect topping for this pav. No cream needed, but you could add it or Greek yogurt if you wanted to.

    Photo and recipe source: Love Life Eat

  • Fig and Pear Chocolate Tart 18 of 25
    Pear Fig Tart

    Remember what I said about figs and chocolate? Add pears to that. Pears + figs + chocolate = flavor explosion. Plus it's gorgeous! That doesn't hurt. I always say, "I love pretty food." And this tart is very pretty.
    Photo and recipe source:  Tasty Trials

  • Coconut Tart with Fresh Figs 19 of 25
    Coconut Fig Tart

    This is another gorgeous tart. Buttery coconut crust, white chocolate ganache, coconut whipped cream and slices of fresh fig. Pretty sure I've been missing this all my life and just didn't know it.
    Photo and recipe source:  Heather Christo

  • Honeyed Fig Trifle with Goat Cheese Mascarpone Yogurt Cream 20 of 25
    Honeyed Fig Trifle with Goat Cheese Mascarpone Yogurt Cream

    Trifle is one of my family's favorite desserts. I love the combination of tangy goat cheese, mascarpone and Greek yogurt for the creamy layer in these Honeyed Fig Trifles. The perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

    Photo and recipe source: Kitchen Confidante

  • Raw Dried Pear and Fig Ginger Tart 21 of 25
    Raw Fig Tart

    Raw tarts are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason - they taste delicious! Here we have a tart crust made from ground almonds and figs with a creamy pear and dried fig studded filling, topped with more dried figs. It's definitely Rawmazing, I'd say.

    Photo and Recipe Source: Rawmazing

  • Hazelnut Fig Tart 22 of 25
    Hazelnut Fig Tart

    This tart looks more complicated than it actually is. A puff pasty shell is filled with fresh figs and a sweet ginger honey syrup and chopped hazelnuts. That's it! Simple and stunning.

    Photo and recipe source: Box of Spice

  • Fig Goat Cheese Pies with Basil 23 of 25
    Fig Goat Cheese Tart with Basil

    Mini pies are so darling, aren't they? I was immediately drawn to these Fig Goat Cheese Pies with Basil. I find the combination of flavors so intriguing! That and I happen to have a tiny goat cheese addiction. I love goat cheese in and on anything and everything, but especially in desserts.
    Photo and recipe source: Always With Butter

  • Turkish Fig Baklava 24 of 25

    Baklava has got to be one of the most delicious desserts in the world. But can I confess that I never make it because it's so time-consuming! That's why I love, love, love this Turkish Fig Baklava recipe. It relies on pre-made phyllo shells. The filling goes right inside, bake and you're in baklava paradise without breaking a sweat. Simple and delicious as can be.

    Photo and recipe source: The Brooklyn Ragazza

  • Fig Spice Friands 25 of 25
    Fig Spice Friands with Vanilla Custard

    Last, but not least, we have Fig Friands. Friands are darling little tea cakes typically made from ground almonds and egg whites and are quite popular in Australia and New Zealand. These friands are made using ground walnuts and perfect bit of spice then topped with a juicy, fresh fig. Perfect with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee.

    Photo and recipe source: A Splash of Vanilla

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