3-Minute Microwave Maple-Bacon Breakfast Cheesecake


April Breakfast CheesecakeSM

Guys. You know how breakfast gets boring? It’s like…pancakes, waffles, eggs. Pick one, rotate, start all over again. It’s getting blase up in here. Until today. Because, today you have officially discovered this recipe for a Maple Bacon Breakfast Cheesecake. Yep. It’s a thing. And now it’s your thing. This recipe is simple, made without sugar, and tastes like a dream. Try it for brekkie or brunch. Or, if you’re feeling fancy schmancy, make it for dessert and make your life divine.



April Breakfast Cheesecake2SM


3-Minute Microwave Maple-Bacon Breakfast Cheesecake

Serves two.

  • 2 eggs
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 3 tablespoons oure maple syrup, softened
  • 2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 2 slices bacon, cooked and cut in half

In a blender, combine eggs ,cream cheese, and maple syrup. Toss in crumbled bacon. Pour into two 4″ ramekins. Microwave for 2-3 minutes, or just until the center of each cheesecake sets. Remove and allow to cool slightly. Top with bacon. Drizzle with extra maple syrup, if desired. Serve with a spoon and enjoy!

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